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Some people enjoy wearing colors and then some people enjoy wearing neutrals.  If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know that I love my colors, but I do enjoy my neutrals here and there.  However, I also like to mix up my neutrals with some colors as well.  In other words, I like to take a basic white top and pair it with a colorful skirt, etc.  In relation, I got the question on Instagram a few months ago:

How do you style basic clothing?

As I was thinking about answering the question above, I thought- I should just write a blog post about this topic too!  I’ve listed my favorite ways to style basic clothing items.  Check out the tips below.

Styling a Basic Shirt

Basic (or plain) shirts are one of my favorite things to style.  It allows me to have fun with the bottom half of my outfit which is usually very rare.  I’ve been styling basic tops more often in the past few years because I love finding a fun skirt to pair with them. 

When I style a basic shirt (such as a black or white top), pairing it with colorful bottoms, neutral shoes, and accessories is my favorite way to do it.  Sometimes I wear earrings to match my bottoms- but that’s just for fun.  For the most part, I want the focus to be on the bottom half of the outfit.  I like to make sure the bottom half pops and is interesting enough that my plain white tee goes well with it.

Top:  Kohl’s (Exact) Shorts:  Shein Shoes: DSW (Similar) Earrings: Earrings by Emma (Similar)
Fun earrings with my basic top and printed shorts.
With this basic blouse, I added fun earrings and a loud skirt.

Styling a Basic Bottom

This look is more of a classic look since we’re used to seeing basic/neutral bottoms with a more interesting top-half.  I love this type of look for the simplicity of it.  I can put on any bottoms with any top and it looks phenomenal.  It’s an easy “grocery store” or “running errands” look for me.  In addition, I believe that styling bottoms are much easier than styling tops. 

You can pretty much wear anything on your top half and it will go well with the neutral bottoms.  You also want to make sure the focus is just on your top so keep your accessories minimal (unless that’s the look you want).  For me, since I can play around with the tops, I usually go for a loud blouse.  Whenever I’m keeping the bottoms neutral, I like the focus to be on the top.  So, having fun and loud top allows me to balance my outfit a little better.

Top:  Dillard’s Pants:  Macy’s Shoes: Dolce Vita Purse: Kate Spade
For this top, I kept everything else neutral.
Sweater:  Similar Pants:  Macy’s Boots: DSW
I wanted the focus on the yellow sweater so everything else was neutral.

Styling a Basic Outfit

Wearing a full-on neutral outfit is not my kind of look but I do like to do it now and then.  Sometimes, the feel of being in a neutral outfit without having to focus too much on the top or bottom half is an amazing feeling.  I can understand why many people prefer to wear neutrals all the time.

Most people, they can keep a full outfit neutral- including their accessories.  However, that is not the case for me.  I love color and I love to play around with my outfits.  So, if I have a basic/neutral outfit then, I like to be bold with my accessories.  I’ll either wear some fun earrings, a pair of fun shoes or do both.  Fashion is all about having fun with what you wear so pair what you like with your all-neutral outfit.

Added a fun kimono cardigan to my neutral outfit.
Adding fun earrings to my all black outfit.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for how to style basics.  Do you prefer neutrals or colors?  Letme know in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “How to Style Basics

  1. Wow, lots of info. I do tend to navigate to neutral, basic. monochromatic colors. I think their a staple which you can mix and match with more trendy accessories or printed design clothing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your chic styling tips. I love the way you accessorized your outfits. I prefer to wear colorful clothing rather than neutral tones.

  3. This looks so effortless, but really great tips! Even though you don’t like Neutral tones, still appreciate the tips on how to put them together! And now not as scared to try color!

  4. This is super helpful! I sometime freeze when it comes to styling simple classic pieces. Thanks for the tips!

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