3 Tips for Retaining Followers on Instagram

For most of us, we are gaining and losing followers on the daily on Instagram.  One of the reasons for losing followers on Instagram is that it could have been a bot.  For most bloggers, the follow/unfollow situation is a bit frustrating.  We are trying to grow on Instagram but can’t because there are people who follow/unfollow on a daily.

However, there are ways to prevent the follow/unfollow cycle and retain your followers.  Over the years, I found that a few methods worked for me to retain my followers on Instagram.  Therefore, when my friend, Meheaa of AmericanDesiMSM, asked me how I was able to retain followers on Instagram, I knew I had to write a blog post about it!  Check out my tips below.

Tip #1:  Be more Consistent

Being consistent on Instagram is key.  Show up at the same time and day each week, during your planned posts days.  This doesn’t mean that you should post Monday-Friday during the week.  This just means to post at the same time and days each week.  For example, I post on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 7:30 am each week.  Occasionally, I will post an Instagram Reel on a Thursday at 8 pm or a collaboration on a Saturday at 7:30 am.  However, even though I may or may not post on a Thursday or Saturday, I always post on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  This shows your followers that you are consistent and will show up at your scheduled times.

So, make a schedule for yourself.  If anything, use a content calendar to help you as well as some planning websites.  Once you plan your content, it will be much easier for you to show up for your followers.

Tip #2:  Good Captions

Captions are something that every blogger struggles with, for their Instagram.  It’s hard to always come up with interesting and intriguing captions for your followers.  Gone are the days when just a sentence or quote will be a sufficient caption for your Instagram posts.

You want to make sure your captions are long, catch the audience’s attention, and keeps them engaged.  Make sure to include a callback or ask a question.  This will make your followers feel like you are building a good friendship with them and they feel more comfortable posting a comment.  In addition, this also allows your followers to build this bond with you so they don’t feel like they need to unfollow you.  People have a hard time unfollowing bloggers with whom they have built a bond.

Tip #3:  Engage

This is one of the biggest tips that can be given towards retaining your followers.  Make sure to engage with your followers.  If someone has commented on your Instagram post then send a “Thank you”, go to their page and comment on their photo as well.  If someone sends you an Instagram question then make sure to respond. 

If your audience feels like you are engaging with them, then they will not want to unfollow you.  They would rather follow you and continue to build a bond with you (as mentioned above).  Building a close bond through engaging with your followers is a key point in maintaining and retaining those followers.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to retain followers on Instagram.  What’s one tip you for retaining followers on Instagram?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Aww Thanks for the mention! This is literally my biggest struggle ever. Thank you for the post!

  2. These are great ideas! I am still trying to find the magic spot in IG to grow followers right now! thanks for sharing

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