3 Types of Diwali Outfit Ideas

For those that don’t know, Diwali is one of my favorite Indian holidays of the year.  I love the happiness, joy, colors, and celebrations involved around the holiday.  It’s such a fun holiday to celebrate as an Indian.  If you’re wondering about the history and reason why Diwali is so celebrated within India (and other South Asian/Indo-Caribbean countries), then check out my Diwali post from a couple of years ago.

This year, I wanted to do another Diwali post.  However, since I’ve already done a Diwali post a few years ago, I wasn’t sure what to write about for my next Diwali post.  I know that I have a love for fashion so, I thought to do a Diwali fashion post for this year.  Since I’m always stuck on what to wear for Diwali and need Diwali Outfit Ideas, I thought to do a post as such for my readers. Check out my favorite types of Diwali outfits below.

Temple Outfit

If you’re one of those families that celebrates Diwali at the temple (whether that’s a Mandir or Gurdwara), then you’ll want to wear this type of outfit.  I prefer to wear a Salwar Suit because it’s a bit more comfortable and easier to walk around in the temple.  If I want to volunteer at the temple, then it allows more movement for me.  I also prefer to keep a simpler Kameez– again, for comfort. 

In terms of colors, I like to wear brighter colors since it is a celebration.   The brighter the color the better the outfit for me.  Colors such as magenta’s, bright greens, and jewel tones are usually my preference for the Diwali temple celebrations.  I also like to keep my hair and jewelry simple since it is the temple and I want to be as comfortable as possible. 

One of my favorite “Patiala Salwar Suits
Another favorite: “Banarsi” design on a salwar

Friends’ House Outfit

When it comes to Diwali, many people tend to host a Diwali event (whether it’s a religious event or a party).  So, you want to make sure you have an outfit appropriate for a Diwali house event.  For this type of event, make sure that you pick an outfit that has a bit more pizzaz than the temple outfit but isn’t too over the top like the venue outfit.

For me, I like to wear fancier Anarkali’s or a Simplistic Sari (refer to the first picture of this post) and dress it with minimal jewelry as well as make-up.  In terms of colors, I also like to go for gem tones for this type of event.  I like to make my outfit stand out but not go overboard with the accessories and hair/make-up.  This allows me to move freely, dance the night away, and help out friends with setting up/cleaning up (if needed).  I also like to choose an Anarkali since it has leggings on the bottom, and it still allows ease of movement.

Royal Blue anarkali with embroidery details.
Photo credits:  Kunjal Pathak Photography.  Follow him on InstagramFacebook or E-mail him at kunjalpathak@gmail.com
Make-up and Hair:  Denise Chan
An orange anarkali with a side slit
Gorgeous red anarkali with a “peek-a-boo” midriff.

Venue Outfit

Sometimes, you get invited to a Diwali event at a venue hosted by a family friend or your friend.  For a Diwali event at a venue, you want to make sure you dress to the nines.  I like to think of it as dressing up for a Wedding Reception.  For example, I like to wear a blinged-out Sari or Indian gown.  The more bling or sparkle there is to the outfit, I will prefer it for this type of event.

I also like to have fun accessories and my hair/make-up all done up.  In terms of the colors of the outfit, I like to go for midnight tones like black or navy blue.  You can go all out for this type of Diwali event.  There is no such thing as over-dressing for a Venue Diwali party.

Black sari with pearl details and a mirrored blouse.
Navy blue gown with sequin details and mesh pants (an Indo-Western style).

I hope you enjoyed my tips for different types of Diwali outfits.  What’s your favorite type of Diwali celebration?  Let me know in the comments below!

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