5 Types of Poses

As I’ve been blogging for the past few years, I keep getting many questions from friends and family about blogging tips.  One of those many questions is, the types of poses to do for a blog or Instagram feed.  Now, I’m no expert on what types of poses to do.  However, I have a few of my favorites that I have done for my blog posts over the past few years.

I try to keep my poses simple yet still interesting.  Most of the poses in my blog posts are usually very similar to each other.  I like to keep them the same because I like how some poses look.  So, I tend to stick to a select few of my favorite poses.  Anyway, enough of my babble, I’ll share my favorite type of poses.  Check out some of my favorite types of poses below.

Looking Down

If you have checked out some of my older blog posts, you may notice that there are some poses of me looking down.  I usually do this when the sun is in my eyes, but it also ends up looking good in pictures.  It was an accidental pose but since I liked it so much, I continue to pose that way for my blog posts.

In addition, it’s also a fun pose to do when you want to show off your shoes in your outfit.  I like pointing my shoe out a little bit and looking down, to show off my shoes in an outfit.  This way, your shoes stand out a bit and the pose looks nice as well.

Looking down and pointing my shoe a bit.

Looking down and walking to show off my booties.

Poses with props

I love to use props in my poses, especially during holiday times.  It’s a fun way to add a bit of character and dimension to your photos.  I also love to use props because it keeps your posts a bit interesting, and your readers can look at other items in your pictures beside your outfit and background.

For these types of poses, you can use any prop and have fun with it.  Playing with the prop is a good way to pose for these types of pictures.  Also, show off the prop or aim it towards the camera.  Those are a few fun ways to pose with a prop.

Posing with a mini pumpkin.

Posing with an ornament next to a Christmas Tree.

Sitting Down

A lot of people assume that you should stand for your pictures.  However, you can take pictures sitting down and make them look nice.  Most people fear this post because it can look like either you’re going to the bathroom, or the angle makes people look odd.  But, if you angle yourself right and the camera is angled well, the picture can look good.

I like to sit down on stairs or the curb so that it creates some interest in what I’m sitting on.  I also tend to lean towards one way so that it elongates my body.  This way, it creates some interest in the picture.  Sometimes, I also like to lean my face on my hands, so it also creates some dimension to the photo.

Photo credit: Bekah The Hedge Photography.
Sitting on the stairs.
Sitting on the curb.


This pose should go without saying but I wanted to include it in my way.  Smiling is one of the best and easiest poses that you can do.  It also promotes positivity when another person sees a picture of someone smiling.  As the saying goes, Smiling is contagious.  So, feel free to bring your best smile to one of your poses!

I like to smile a lot in my poses because I think my pictures come out nice when I smile.  With my smile, sometimes I turn my body to create some interest in the photo.  This also creates a fun angle to play around with.  Occasionally, I’ll also twirl and then end up laughing which also creates a fun pose.

Posing with a smile, by the garage.
Posing with a smile by a pumpkin patch.


Saved the best for last because twirling in photos is my favorite!  Most bloggers usually recommend this pose and it creates some fun dimension for your photos.  You can also twirl by holding your dress or skirt and moving it with you.  This also creates a fun dimension in your photos.  Twirling poses adds so much dimension and movement that you can do so much with this kind of posing option.

I like to twirl my dress or skirt because I enjoy the effect in the picture.  I like that it gives my clothing some movement and body as well.  Twirling is so much fun as it gets me to laugh too, and this creates some additional fun poses.  The best way to do this pose is to just have fun with it!

Posing by twirling my skirt.

Posing by twirling my dress.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the types of poses I like to do.  Do you have any favorite poses?  Let me know in the comments below!

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