Instagrammable Places in Memphis, TN

After being a blogger for a few years, I have found some amazing Instagrammable Places in Memphis, TN.   Although I have already done a post on types of photoshoot locations, I wanted to do a post featuring places in my current city- Memphis, TN.  My previous post about locations featured general locations that can be done in any city.  For this post, I want to highlight beautiful places to shoot pictures within Memphis, TN.

There are so many places to take pictures within the Memphis, TN area – including the suburbs.  I like to stick to a few of my favorites but I have shot in many of these places.  To avoid people, I usually go earlier in the morning this way you do not feel awkward taking pictures in certain locations.  Also, remember to have fun in these Instagrammable places!  Check out my recommendations below.

Arrive Hotel

The Arrive Hotel is located on Main Street, in downtown Memphis.  It is in the heart of many amazing and delicious restaurants nearby and has its coffee shop/bar as well.  When the Arrive Hotel first opened, many local Memphis Content Creators went over to take pictures for their Social Media.  The hotel is a modern boutique hotel featuring beautiful indoor décor that makes you want to capture it all in a picture.

I have only gone to the Arrive Hotel once but loved taking gorgeous pictures there for my blog.  Lucky for me, it was a pre-Covid era (early 2020) so, I was able to sit and socialize with many people around.  They may or may not have a mask mandate now however, it is still worth a shot to check out. 

Sitting by the bar.
By the bookshelf in the entrance.

Central Station Hotel

The Central Station Hotel is located on Main Street, in downtown Memphis, just like the Arrive Hotel.  Both hotels are on the same street and a walk away.  Therefore, you can book one of the hotels and go eat at the other one (usually how tourists do).  The Central Station Hotel has a rich history, as it is a renovated train station.  You will notice that the platform and stairs were converted to a lounge space, etc. 

Since a lot of the original architecture was kept in place, there are many photo opportunities in the Central Station Hotel.  My favorite is in front of the big stereo as it shows Memphis’s rich history in music.  There are also many other photo locations in this hotel that you can use, which are linked to music.

Located on the second floor of the hotel.
Located on the first floor of the hotel.

Located on the first floor of the hotel.

Hyatt Centric Hotel

Hyatt Central Hotel is located on Beale Street and is currently one of the newest sites in Memphis.  It’s a beautifully renovated hotel and the Hyatt brand has done a great job with it.  It has a beautiful lounge on the first floor and a great rooftop.  The rooftop has been something new for Memphis, as the city does not have much of a rooftop culture.  However, in the last couple of years, Memphis has been growing with the number of rooftops that it has.  The lounge area/bar on the first floor and the rooftop are great picturesque locations for Instagram.

Fun fact:  My amazing friend Dina of Dina Chopra Designs, has designed the room number logos.  So, for me, it is like supporting a friend when taking pictures here.

Enjoying a night on the Hyatt Centric rooftop.
My hubbie & I on the Hyatt Centric rooftop.

Hu Hotel

The Hu Hotel is located on Madison Ave in downtown Memphis.  It was one of the first hotels that renovated and made a rooftop, and in doing so, it completely changed the whole downtown Memphis scene.  The hotel has an amazing bar on the first floor as well as the rooftop.  It’s also located near Main Street which has some amazing restaurants like Felicia Suzanne’s or Flight, etc.

For Instagrammable picture locations, I would suggest taking pictures on the first-floor bar or anywhere on the rooftop.  You’ll notice a lot of other people are also trying to take pictures by the rooftop.  It’s a great picturesque view of the Memphis bridge and looks amazing in pictures.

On the rooftop of the Hu Hotel with Lisa Mills of Lisa The Pilot

Mud Island Park

I saved the best for last!  Most of my other locations mentioned in this post are beautiful hotels.  Now there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures at beautiful hotels but if you want some outdoor pictures, Mud Island Park is the best place to go.  The park is a bit hard to find so ask around and make sure to read the signs.  My photographer, Ali of Photography by Ali Danielle, and I both had difficulty getting here.  However, once we found the location, it was so fun to shoot here!

We found a cool table spot where you can get some downtown Memphis views.  We also found some amazing structures here where we also took pictures.  Last but not least, the iconic Memphis sign is located in this park and makes for a great photo-op location for the ‘gram!

The Memphis sign on Mud Island Park.
Cool architecture at Mud Island Park.
Hanging by the tables near Mud Island Park.

I hope you enjoyed the list of Instagrammable Places in Memphis, TN.  Which one of the places from my list did you like the most?  Let me know in the comments below!

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