Four Types of Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits

I say this every year but I cannot believe it is already time for the start of the Holiday Season!  I always have bittersweet feelings about this time of the year.  I enjoy this time of the year for the happy holiday feels and all the cheer that it brings.  However, I always get sad as well because another year has passed by and it gets dark at like 4 pm – I prefer the sunlight.

Anyway, with this season comes tons of celebrations.  I usually have a couple of Thanksgiving celebrations – one with the family, one with friends, and one at work.  I did a post last year about three types of Thanksgiving Outfits, which was successful.  So, I thought to do another post this year as well.  Check out my outfit recommendations below.

Fancy Family Dinner

If you’re anything like my husband’s family, then you get dressy for Thanksgiving dinner.  His side of the family likes to go all out for Thanksgiving dinner.  We usually go to one of our aunt’s house who hosts Thanksgiving each year.  It is a great dinner seeing everyone that we know in one night, all dressed to the nines’. 

For a dinner like this, you want to make sure that you are not only looking good but also warm.  I would recommend wearing a dressy sweater dress and adding accessories to make it look even fancier.  I love to play up my accessories with my earrings and purse.  I feel like those two accessories can make or break an outfit. 

Long sweater dress with fun red accessories.
Long sweater dress with fun red accessories.

Casual Family Dinner

If you’re more like my family, then you get casual for Thanksgiving dinner.  My family usually wears Pajama for Thanksgiving dinner and now it’s just stuck so we keep it that way.  We enjoy the flexibility in the Pajamas for the big meal.  However, if you’ve learned anything in the last year, then you know that you can wear cute lounge outfits at home as well.

For this type of dinner, I would recommend wearing one of your nice sweaters with a nice pair of leggings and booties.  You can add a nice pair of earrings if you like.  I usually opt for sparkly studs since it’s more casual but I still feel like adding a little bit of glimmer.

Long sweater tunic from Shelby Jewel Boutique
Long sweater tunic from Shelby Jewel Boutique

Fancy Friendsgiving

Certain friends groups tend to be either more casual or dressier than others.  For me, I have both types of friends groups – the casual Friendsgiving one and the dressy Friendsgiving one.  I’ve put together some examples of types of outfits that you can wear to either type of Friendsgiving.  Firstly, I’ll be giving some examples for a more fancy/dressy Friendsgiving.  If you’re friends like to go all out, then you’ll want to dress to the nine’s as well.

For a fancy Friendsgiving, you’ll want to wear a comfy yet casual outfit that you can dress up.  Since you’re with friends, having an outfit that allows free movement (in case you end up playing some fun games), is always key.  I like to wear a thicker, winter material dress- something appropriate as a “business casual” dress as well.  Similar to the outfit options above, I like to have fun with my earrings and shoes.  Both those accessories can make your outfit either casual, dressy, or just fun!

Long sleeve red dress with blue flats.

Thick blue dress with blue flats.

Casual Friendsgiving

For a friends’ group that is more casual during their Friendsgiving, I have some outfit suggestions as well.  You don’t always have to wear a long tunic with leggings and booties for a casual Friendsgiving.  Although that is a great option, you can have more fun with this outfit for this type of event.  My friends’ that host casual Friendsgivings’ are a mix of casual and dressy.  So, my outfit recommendations will follow as such.

Usually, I would opt for a Sweater dress, booties, and some fun earrings.  You can also wear a thin material dress, with a sweater on top and booties (as well as fun accessories).  Another option is to wear a nice sweater with jeans and booties.  One tip for this kind of outfit is that you can always substitute over-the-knee boots instead of booties, to make it look a bit dressy. 

Stripped sweater dress and brown booties.

Bright pink sweater over a dress.

Yellow sweater with blue jeans and over-the-knee boots.

Bonus:  Pajama-giving

As I mentioned above, my family usually wears cute pajamas for Thanksgiving dinner.  But, you can always wear a cute lounge instead of pajamas as well.  However, if you do end up having a Thanksgiving where you get to wear Pajama then, I have some options for you!  I love to wear Pajama for a Thanksgiving dinner because they’re so comfortable and fun!  I attended a “Pajama Friendsgiving” this year and it was a blast!  Everyone was conformable in their clothes and we ate freely without having to worry about ruining our outfit (after taking pictures, of course).

Anyway, for this type of Thanksgiving dinner, I like to go for either Holiday theme Pajama, warm fuzzy pajamas, or winter-themed pajamas.  Either option will look cute, make you feel comfortable, and look great for your pictures!  For accessories, since it is a “Pajama Thanksgiving” dinner, I keep it simple to studs.  As far as shoes go, if its’ a Friendsgiving then I will wear flats, or uggs, etc.  If the Pajama-giving dinner is at my parents then I’ll wear “home shoes” or fuzzy socks.

Long sleeve top with snowflake pajama bottoms.

Pajama sweater dress.

Those are all my options for different types of Thanksgiving dinner outfits.  I hope you enjoyed my suggestions.  What type of Thanksgiving dinner are you looking forward to?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

6 thoughts on “Four Types of Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits

  1. These outfits are so fun! I personally gravitate towards a leggings and sweater outfit or a sweater dress depending on the mood/year/vibe. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. I love all of these outfits. So pretty! I need something with elastic in it cause I plan on stuffing my face for Thanksgiving. LOL!!

  3. A pajama thanksgiving, that sounds like something I would enjoy! That’s definitely the kind of Thanksgiving I had last year since I just stayed home. Staying in my pajamas was my favorite thing about the day. I’m all about comfort over being dressy.

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