Instagrammable Places in the Memphis, TN Suburbs

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog post about Instagrammable places in Memphis, TN.  That blog post was surprisingly a huge success!  It took me a couple of weeks to prepare that post, so I was glad that it was liked by so many people.  However, when preparing that post, I had a lot more Instragrammable locations that I wanted to mention.  I knew that a long blog post of 20+ locations would not turn out so well.  So, I wanted to split up my “Instagrammable places in Memphis, TN” posts and make it into a mini-series on the blog.

For this post, I will be covering the Instagrammable places within the Memphis, TN suburbs.  There are so many places outside of downtown Memphis that are beautiful and worth the drive for your memorable pictures.  So, I thought to split up this mini-series into different types of regions within the Memphis area and surrounding towns.

As mentioned in the previous post in this mini-series, I usually go earlier in the morning to shoot pictures so that I can avoid people and not feel awkward taking pictures in certain locations.  The places mentioned below are a few of my favorite places to take pictures but, keep in mind that there are many more locations within the Memphis, TN suburbs.  In addition, remember to have fun in these Instagrammable places!  Check out my recommendations below.

Collierville, TN

The town of Collierville, TN is about 30 miles away from downtown Memphis which is roughly a 30–45-minute drive.  Luckily, since Memphis is a “small big” city, it doesn’t take long to get from one place to another.  While in bigger cities like Chicago and New York, 30 minutes may just get you a couple of blocks as your site is in traffic.  So this may seem like a long distance but it’s not.  As you are on your way to Collierville, put on a podcast and you’ll notice that you are there in no time.

Collierville Town Square.  One of the most beautiful places in Collierville, TN is the Collierville Town Square.  It was ranked as the “Best Main Street” in America by Parade magazine in 2014.  It’s a cute, picturesque location that I love taking my friends to whenever they visit me in Memphis, TN.  The town square has a cute gazebo, only train station, an old gas station, a graffiti wall, multiple shops, etc.  It was also an area for one of the small wars during the Civil War period. So there are some landmarks and architecture that has still be keep intact from that era. If you’re a history enthusiast then, you would enjoy those aspects of the Collierville Town Square. There are many Instagrammable locations within this town square.  You’ll feel like you’re in the Gilmore Girls town square since it feels quite similar.

Located on the wall across from the Collierville Town Square.
Located on the opposite side of the Collierville wall art.
Located in the Collierville Town Square.

Collierville Mall ft. Wonderland Memphis.  If you do make the trip to Collierville, TN from downtown Memphis, TN, then make sure to visit the Collierville Mall.  The outdoor mall features stores such as Express, Forever 21, Macy’s, Dillard’s, etc so you can make a shopping spree out of your visit!  In addition, there are gazebo’s, benches, and fun architecture around the mall where you can take pictures.  I have not taken many pictures here so there’s not much I can show.  However, check out their website linked above to view some of their picturesque locations.

Also, in the past couple of years, the Memphis Escape room has been featuring an Interactive Photo Experience known as Wonderland Memphis.  I have been lucky enough to check out Wonderland Memphis last year and this year.  It is the perfect location to get your holiday pictures done or just do an amazing fun holiday family activity!  I did a whole blog post on Wonderland Memphis last year so make sure to check it out for more details.

Located in the “North Pole” room.

Located in the “Elfie Selfie” room.

Located in the “Winter Wonderland” room

Priddy Farms in Arlington, TN

The town of Arlington, TN is also about 30 miles away from Memphis, TN – just like Collierville, TN.  Arlington, TN goes a bit north while Collierville, TN goes a bit south.  Both towns are stunning hidden gems within the Memphis, TN area.  I haven’t explored Arlington, TN much but I did get to go to one of their famous pumpkin patches this fall.  When I ask my friends with kids about which pumpkin patch to go to, they always suggest Priddy Farms in Arlington, TN.  Every year, I try to plan to go to Priddy Farms, but it never happens.  So, I was super excited when I got to go to Priddy Farms this year.

If you have kids, Priddy Farms has many fun activities for kids to do in the fall such as a petting zoo, feeding zoo, train ride, hayride, corn maze, etc.  In addition, there are so many picturesque locations on the farm that you won’t want to leave!  Also, Priddy Farms can be visited year-round and not just during the fall. 

They have the usual pumpkin patch in the fall which transforms into a Christmas Tree farm during the holidays and then flowers during the spring/summertime.  Their busiest time is the fall when they have their pumpkin patch.  However, I have heard that visiting the farm during the other seasons is also a magical experience.

One of the photo op locations in Priddy Farms.
Located on the pumpkin patch near the Corn Maze.

Germantown, TN

The town of Germantown, TN is located about 20 miles away from Downtown Memphis, TN.  It can be about a 20–30-minute drive, depending on traffic. Germantown, TN is one of the closest suburbs, via distance, to downtown Memphis mentioned on this list.  I’ve grown to love the town of Germantown, TN because it has quite a few Instagrammable locations.  I’ve taken pictures in the same few locations since I love those places, but I’ve mentioned a couple of others on my list as well.

Oaklawn Garden Park.  One of the hidden gems in Germantown, TN is Oaklawn Garden Park.  I did not even know that this park existed until a former co-worker had mentioned it.  If you’re a huge fan of historical locations, then this is the location for you.  The Park has a house constructed in the 1800s located on the property.  This home is still in its original condition so if you’re a history person, this is the place for you.  This Park was made on an old train station so there are some historical landmarks regarding the train and train station.  Most high school seniors in the Germantown, TN area take their senior pictures here so it’s quite a popular destination for pictures. 

Located on near the train tracks.
Located on near the train.
Located on near the train.

Saddle Creek.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, especially the last year, then you must have noticed that most of my pictures are in the same area.  Well, my secret is out, and that location is known as the Saddle Creek Mall located in Germantown, TN.  Saddle Creek Mall features stores such as Michael Kors, Apple, Loft, etc.  So, if you have driven out to Germantown, TN make sure to make a visit to the Saddle Creek Mall for some shopping!  In addition, there are many picturesque/Instagrammable places in the Saddle Creek Mall.  Check out my pictures below for some inspiration.

Located in front of Nail Bar during the Spring/Summer months.

Located next to the Nail Bar & Avenue.

Located in front of Nail Bar during the Holiday season.

Located on the Nail Bar & Co’s wall.

Millstone Market and Nursery.  Like Priddy Farms in Arlington, TN, Millstone is a beautiful, picturesque location for seasonal photos.  I love to take pictures here during the fall when they have their pumpkins.  Just like Priddy Farms, Millstone Market and Nursery is open year-round.  They have a Christmas Tree farm for the holidays and beautiful flowers during the Spring/Summertime.  Since this is more of a Market and Nursery, there are no activities to do here.  But it’s a small mom/pop shop with picturesque areas.  Also, if you take pictures here, make sure to tag them on Instagram.  They appreciate the support for their small/family-owned business. 

Millstone Pumpkin Patch picture from 2020.

Millstone Pumpkin Patch picture from 2021.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Instagrammable Places in Memphis, TN suburbs.  Which one of the suburb locations, from my list, did you like the most?  Let me know in the comments below!

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