How to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

As a blogger, having an aesthetic Instagram Feed is key to your success (whether or not you want to admit it).  I have been blogging for about 3 and a half years now, and only last year did I figure out how to make my Instagram feed look more aesthetic.  Since my Instagram feed has been looking more aesthetically pleasing lately, I have been getting many compliments as well as questions on how to improve an Instagram Feed.

I was flattered by those comments since I have been trying to improve my Instagram/Blog pictures over the last year.  It took me a long time to figure out the type of photography and editing I like for my blog/Instagram pictures.  However, I’m still learning every day how to make my Instagram look more cohesive and beautiful.  But I can still share some advice that I have learned over the years on creating a more aesthetic Instagram feed.  Check out my tips below.


If you ask any blogger or content creator, editing your pictures is the key to creating a more beautiful Instagram feed.  However, it’s not just about editing each picture but rather making sure to use similar editing methods on every picture.  For example, if you want more of a pink Instagram feed then you make sure to edit the lighting with a pink hue, etc.

Editing all your pictures by adding the same filter can get a bit overwhelming.  So, I would recommend using apps like Lightroom or Photoshop, etc.  You can create your edits, save the edits (lighting, hue, shadows, etc) and apply the same edit to all the pictures you want to post.  I’ve mentioned Lightroom before and will mention it again.  It’s one of the best apps made for editing pictures and it’s easy to use – once you get the hang of it.  I recommend reading tons of blog posts and watching Youtube videos on how to use Lightroom so that you can edit your pictures to the best ability.

Edited picture from 2018.
Edited picture from 2021


Lighting is another key component when trying to have an aesthetic Instagram feed.  Good lighting is everything and can lead to less editing which in turn ends up as a beautifully natural picture.  I prefer to do my pictures during the day and outdoors.  I feel like the natural lighting from the sun gives a beautiful effect to my pictures. 

Most bloggers use this type of natural light however, I have seen some bloggers use indoor lighting and nighttime lighting as well.  The bloggers that take pictures indoors and use indoor lighting have perfected their editing and their feed looks beautiful.  The same goes for the bloggers that take pictures during the sunset and nighttime.  As long as you know which type of lighting that you prefer, then make sure to take all your pictures in similar lighting.

Using a indoor lighting.

Using outdoor lighting.


Locations are my favorite part of shooting pictures for my blog and my Instagram.  Depending on the year, I like to scout out different locations.  But do keep in mind that no matter what location you use, just keep it consistent within your feed.  For example, I like to use outdoor locations for the spring, beach locations for the summer, pumpkin patches for the fall, and snowy/holiday locations for the winter.  No matter what location I use, I make sure to take quite a few pictures in different outfits.  This way I can post about 9-12 pictures on Instagram, and it looks consistent.

You want to make sure that if you switch your locations, then you have a few pictures in line so that the transition looks good.  I’m still learning how to perfect the transition of locations in my pictures but have made such an improvement from when I first started blogging.  Continue to learn and evolve your Instagram feed as style and tastes change.

Indoor location.

Outdoor location.


As mentioned in the above tip, the best way to have a consistent and aesthetic Instagram feed is to match your Instagram (or blog) posts with the seasons.  Like above, I like to use florals for spring, beach or pool pictures for the summer, pumpkin or spooky pictures for the fall and holiday, or snow pictures for the winter.

For each season, depending on the month, I’ll come up with a theme and work on an aesthetic.  For example, I like to take pictures by the beach and pool for July/August, pumpkins in September, Holiday theme in December, etc.  After I lay out my themes, I put together my pictures and my Instagram feed comes together.  See my examples in the pictures below.  In short, planning is a huge key component for making sure it all flows well together- which I cover in the next tip.

Beachy/Pool theme for July & August.

Pumpkin and neutral colors for September.

Holiday feels for December.


Last but not certainly least, plan your Instagram posts!  This is the biggest tip in making your Instagram feed look aesthetic.  One of the main reasons why my Instagram feed has improved so much from when I started blogging in 2018 to now is because I have started to plan out my posts.  I use the app Later, to plan my posts, which has been a huge game-changer for me.

Planning my Instagram (and blog) posts takes a lot of time, but I batch my content to make it easier.  I batch my content once a month and it has made a huge impact on how well my Instagram feed looks.  I believe this is the main reason why my Instagram feed has been looking so much better lately.

Working on planning a nice New Year’s feed.

Working on planning a Holiday feed.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to create a more aesthetic Instagram Feed.  Which one of these tips would you be using?  Let me know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “How to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

  1. Great content! I never really thought about matching the seasons (apart from major holidays) that’s a great idea. Thank you for the tips, I will definitely try them!

  2. Such a helpful post! Admittedly I’ve struggled with Instagram and coming up with a “cohesive” look. I’ll have to try some of your tips, your IG looks great!

  3. Thank you for these great tips. My blog consists of a lot of pictures due to it’s nature. Unfortunately the quality of our pictures isn’t great. I am constantly complaining about the lighting. Especially now that I have a blog, I am working on improving that. Most of the events are in the evening so I have been researching. I am saving this for reference. It will be a big help with our overall look.

    1. Omg, that makes me so happy! I’m glad I can help you figure out lighting and editing. Honestly, it took me a while to figure that out as well. Once you know what type of edits you like, it’ll all come together. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Love this! I have started paying more attention to the aesthetic of my feed and this was so helpful in doing this intentionally!

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