Instagrammable Places in Midtown Memphis, TN

This is my last and final Instagrammable Places in Memphis blog post!  My last two posts in this series have been extremely successful so, I was happy to do one more post.  As mentioned in the previous post in this series, when I initially started to plan out this blog post, I had about 20+ places to mention.  Instead of listing all the locations in one blog post, I decided to divide this blog post into three different categories:  Downtown Memphis, Memphis Suburbs, and now Midtown Memphis.

This series has been highly liked by all my readers so I’m glad that you’re enjoying it.  If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments below.  Without further ado, check out my recommendations below.

Broad Avenue

Broad Avenue is a beautiful road of stores, restaurants, and bars.  It’s a similar feel to a college towns’ main road of bars, etc and Broad Avenue does attract the Memphis college crowd too.  However, in the past few years, it’s also opened some higher-end restaurants and feeding more towards the happy hour and post-work dinner crowd.  It doesn’t quite classify as part of Midtown Memphis but it’s close enough that I wanted to add it to this category.

There are not many photo ops here.  However, there are some wall arts that you can pose by as well as some fun spots at the coffee shops here.  Those are my top two spots to shoot for pictures when I’m in this part of town. 

Jacket:  Nordstorm  | Scarf:  Amazon  | Sweater:  Macy’s | Dress: Macy’s | Shoes:  Aldo
Photo credits:  Bekah the Hedge Photo
This location is a retail truck receiving and exporting spot – gotta be creative!
Photo credits:  Bekah the Hedge Photo

Cooper Young

Cooper Young is a part of town known for its artists and food scene.  They have some of the best restaurants, for its pricing, in town.  Cooper-Young also hosts a yearly Cooper Young Festival where all the artists in town get together to showcase their work.  The little neighborhood also features many shops such as Urban Outfitters, many local boutiques, etc.  Since it’s known for its’ art and food, there are many places to take pictures here.  Also, just like Broad Avenue, Cooper Young doesn’t quite fall into Midtown Memphis but since it’s one of its’ neighboring towns, I wanted to include this in my list as well.

I like to take pictures by one of their fun art walls, located near Urban Outfitters.  Sometimes, some good pictures are taken during Cooper-Young Festival during the vibrancy of the event.  Check out some of my favorite pictures from this location below.

Located at the wall near Urban Outfitters.
Photo credits:   Katherine of TheWaysOfK.
At Railgarten with Katherine of TheWaysOfK

Crosstown Concourse

A little bit of background on Crosstown Concourse, it was once an old Sears, Roebuck & Co distribution center and retail store.  It closed down in the early 1980s and got refurbished into this beautiful mixed-used development building.  Meaning that it serves multiple purposes such as a school, residential living, offices, food court, etc.  Crosstown has kept most of its original architecture from its early days as a Sears factory.  So, a lot of local content creators love to take pictures here.  Like the other two locations mentioned above, this is not in Midtown Memphis proper but it’s close enough and deserves a spot on this list.

Crosstown has these amazing huge windows which allow for great natural light and amazing backup photoshoot locations for bad weather days.  I have a few favorite spots that I take pictures of here and each time they come out gorgeous.  There is not a bad spot for Instagrammable pictures at Crosstown Concourse.

Taking a picture by this gorgeous wall with Vidhi of coffeeVSchai.
Photo credits:   Kunjal Pathak Photography.
Look at that original architecture!
Found a couch at the Concourse.
Photo credits:   Kristin of Kristin Magdalene.

Memphian Hotel and Rooftop

The Memphian Hotel has been one of the recent updates to the Midtown Memphis area.  It’s part of the Marriot International Hotels Tribute Portfolio.  In short, Marriot Hotels has a set of Boutique hotels in certain cities across the world and the Memphian Hotel is one of them.  It’s a gorgeous hotel with very modern décor.  It has a bar in the lobby on the first floor and there is a restaurant on the rooftop.

I have yet to take pictures in the beautiful lobby however, I have taken pictures on the rooftop.  I enjoy the rooftop because it reminds me of my home in New York, which is known for its’ fabulous rooftop view restaurant, clubs, and bars.  The Memphian Hotel is bringing that big city feel to a small city and I’m here for it!

Look at that view!!!
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Loving this rooftop views.
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Overton Square

Overton Square is probably the only item on this list that is considered Midtown Memphis proper.  The Memphian Hotel mentioned above is located in Overton Square.  Overton Square is known for its food scene and recently the arts such as ballet, theater, etc.  Their restaurants range from coffee shops such as 17 Berkshire to Happy Hour locations such as Babalus’, to fine dining such as Porch and Parlor, to late-night such as the Memphian Hotel Rooftop (known as Tiger and Peacock).

There are many photo op locations here, around the “Square” (as locals call it).  I love to take pictures by this bench, across from the parking garage, as well as some hidden alleyways with cool wall art.  I hope you sense a theme with Midtown and their amazing wall art.  You won’t pass by a place in Midtown Memphis without amazing wall art to take a picture.

Located in 17 Berkshire.
Photo credits:   Jamie of Style by Jamie Lae.
This bench is such a hidden gem!
Photo credits:   Kristin of Kristin Magdalene.

And there you go!  My final part of my Instragrammable Places in Memphis series.  I hope you enjoyed all the blog posts in this series (click here for part one and part two).  Which one of the places from my list did you like the most?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Heh it’s so funny how we all love walls with wings on them! I feel like there is a great version of that where ladies take insta photos in most cities nowadays. 😀

    I like the sound of the Cooper Young area – with artists and good food- that sounds perfect for insta in Memphis.

    1. So true! I think Nashville started a trend and now it’s expanding to other cities (and I’m a huge fan of it).
      Also, yes- Cooper Young is a great area for Insta pictures!

  2. It’s amazing how the world of travel has changed. I used to Google things like “Best food in….” or “Must see places”, whereas now I find myself predominantly thinking about the photo opportunities! Great series!

    1. Haha, this was the same thought in my mind! Honestly, the idea of this series came from my own round of googling “best photo places in xyz city”. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I’m so loving learning about these spots in Memphis! Having never seen that part of the country, it’s so fascinating for me. One day I’ll refer back to this post when I get to visit you in Memphis!

  4. Such a fun post to read. I love the details and the wall art. The pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing ☺️

    Pastor Natalie

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