Valentine’s and Galentine’s Outfit Ideas

I can’t believe we’re at the end of January!  It’s crazy how the first month of the year has already flown by.  Anyway, with the end of January, I like to plan out how I’m going to celebrate my Valentine’s and Galentine’s days in February.  Usually, around this time, I have picked out my restaurant for both events and I’ll start to plan out my outfit. 

So if you’re like me and are wondering what you would like to wear, and also what to do, for your Valentine’s date or Galentine’s gathering then, check out my recommendations below.

Valentine’s Date Outfits

Low-Key Valentine’s  For some people, going to a fancy restaurant is not how they like to spend their holidays.  These people are more casual and laid back.  They like to enjoy casual activities and appreciate life through doing experiences.  So if you’re one of those then I would suggest Valentine’s date ideas such as a movie date, axe throwing, mini-golfing, roller skating/ice skating, bowling or brewery hopping, etc may be on your list of Valentine’s activities.

For these types of events, I usually like to wear my favorite comfortable jeans, a fun sweater (since it’s still winter and its’ cold), and comfortable shoes- depending on the activity.  You can also opt for your favorite long tunic sweater, with leggings and comfortable boots/booties (none with heels!).  The key is to be as comfortable as possible for your experience.  Some experiences, such as ice skating, rollerblading, bowling, etc, do provide their shoes.  However, you still want to make sure that you’re dressed properly to have fun at these activities.

Sweater: Similar | Leggings:  Target | Red Boots:  Similar
Casual yellow tunic with leggings and red booties.
Casual pink sweater with jeans and black booties.

Fancy Valentine’s    A fancy Valentine’s doesn’t always consist of a fine dining dinner.  It can also be a short weekend trip to your favorite city or going out to one of your favorite restaurants (fancy or not).  It’s a type of Valentine’s date that means a lot to you and your significant other so you want to dress up for the occasion.

For this type of look, I like to get dressed.  Might as well pull out that LBD when you can, right?  I’ll aim for really nice, some fun earrings and nice booties or heels.  Even though it’s cold, I’ll do open-toe booties because it looks more dressed up.  To help with the cold, I’ll wear tights with my dress.  Gone are the days when I would wear dresses in the winter and open-toed shoes in the winter without any warmth.  Also, for additional warmth, feel free to layer a cozy sweater on top of your fancy dress.  I love layering sweaters with dresses.  It makes me warm yet still looks cute.

Magenta dress, with a cropped sweater, tights and black booties.

Brown dress with black tights and red booties.

Galentine’s Day Outfits

Low-Key Galentine’s  Similar to a casual Valentine’s date, some groups of friends enjoy a casual Galentine’s day.  When my girlfriends and I want to do a casual Galentine’s, we’ll opt for a movie night and dinner at someone’s house.  Having a dinner party is so much fun and adds some intimacy to your group of gal pals.

For this type of event, my girlfriends and I still like to dress up.  So I’ll wear more of a “casual” dress with tights, nice booties, and fun earrings.   Like the other outfits, the key is to keep warm and be comfortable.  On a side note, the good thing about dinner parties is that you can always ask your girlfriends for a pair of their house slippers.  So this way, you don’t have to be uncomfortable in your heels or wedged booties.

Black dress with pink cardigan and red booties.

Green cheetah dress with brown sweater and taupe booties.

Fancy Galentine’s    If you’re girlfriends want to opt for more of a fancier outing and get dressed up then, you’ll like my suggestions here.  With my gal pals, I’ll wear similar outfits for when I’m going on dates with my husband but instead, I’ll have some more fun with my lipstick and earrings.  My lipstick always rubs off with my husband so I like to keep the fun lips for the fun gals!

For this type of event, a nice cocktail dress and some fun heels are always a good idea.  Remember to add tights and layer a sweater, if needed.  However, if you and your girls can bear the cold then feel free to ditch the tights and sweater!

Black dress with a gray cardigan, black tights and red flats.

Black dress with a red cardigan, black tights & black booties.

Bonus:  Both Events

As a bonus, you can interchange all the outfits for both types of gatherings.  But as I mentioned above, I like to play around with my make-up for my Galentine’s events. 

In addition, feel free to wear what makes you most comfortable or what will make you feel happy!  I’ve selected a few of my past favorite Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day outfit options.  Feel free to get inspiration from them!

Romper: Similar | Shoes:  Similar | Earrings:  Earrings by Emma
Purple romper with black mules.
Sweater:  Similar | Booties:  Similar
Gray sweater, blue jeans and red boots.

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s and Galentine’s outfit ideas.  Which one of the outfits was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

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  1. I love that one of your casual date ideas is axe-throwing! And that you have both casual and fancy outfit ideas – so relatable.

  2. Hi Komal! All of the Valentine’s and Galentine’s outfits are beautiful. My favorite clothing colors are red and black, so I would definitely choose the black dress with the red sweater as one of my outfits. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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