Unique Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day Date Ideas

Since it’s the beginning of February, I wanted to come up with some unique Valentine’s and Galentine’s date ideas for you and your loved ones/gal pals.  Most of us end up going out for a fancy dinner or doing a dinner party at home.  However, that can get a bit boring over time.  For some of us, just going out for fine dining or house dinner can get a bit mundane after every event and occasion.

I’ve been discussing Valentine’s and Galentine’s date ideas with family and friends, and many of them are doing different types of activities this year.  So I thought to come up with some different ways to celebrate this type of occasion, as well.  On a side note, if you’re curious about what to wear for this event then check out my Valentine’s and Galentine’s outfit ideas blog post.

Without further ado, if you’re like me and like to do something different for Valentine’s or Galentine’s then, check out my date idea recommendations below.

Cooking Class

Instead of going out to a fine dining restaurant, you can always opt to make the meal yourself.  I know most of us don’t want to cook a meal on Valentine’s or Galentine’s and rather go out to eat.  However, doing a cooking class can be fun.  Also, in most cooking classes, you learn to make something different and unique that you normally wouldn’t make at home.  It’s nice to have another meal added to your rotation.  I’m a huge fan of cooking classes and always look forward to it when I attend one.

In addition, you won’t be using your kitchen, and the cleaning is done by the crew on site.  Essentially, you’re learning to cook something new with help in the kitchen!  Plus, you and your significant other or girlfriends can add doing this fun activity to your list.

On my way to a Cooking Class.

Dance Class

If you’re someone who has two left feet, then this one is for you!  You may be thinking that if you can’t dance then why to attend a dance class.  However, getting yourself to learn how to dance will make you feel comfortable.  Every city has many dance classes around town so look up the dance classes around your local city.  You might be surprised with what type of dance classes your city has to offer.

If you’re doing this for Galentine’s Day, with your girlfriends, then try to look for a group discount – you may get lucky for a better price.  As for couples, sometimes there is a couple’s rate offered.  Plus, you can always select a dance that you don’t know how to do.  Such as salsa, merengue, bachata, ballroom dancing, etc- the possibilities are endless!  All in all, it’s a fun activity to do as a group or as a couple.

Great outfit for dancing!

Drive-in Movie Theater

Movies and a dinner date is the classic date idea.  But why not add a twist and try a drive-in movie theater?  The good thing about doing a drive-in movie theater in the winter is that it gets dark early so you can probably do a double feature.  Plus, you’ll be in your car so turn up the heat as high as you like.  And you can do all the talking you want about the movie, in your car.  I like to bring a blanket and all the snacks or dinner when doing a drive-in movie theater experience.  Sometimes, I’ll bring my furry baby with me as well – he’ll just end up sleeping in my lap; it is so cute!

If you end up going with your girlfriends, the one with the biggest car can be the chauffer and it feels like a fun outdoor slumber party.  You’re never too old to have a slumber party with girlfriends.  Plus, you only have to pay for one car so you can split the cost if multiple people are in one car.  It’s a cost-effective way to have a fun movie night out.  In addition, if you’re going with a significant other, it’s fun to add a different kind of movie experience to your dates.

I love to lie down like this for a Drive-in Movie Theater.

Morning Hike to Watch the Sunset

For all of those who enjoy being a morning person, this is a fun one for you.  If you like to get up early and work out or have a full morning routine before your workday then, you will enjoy this one.  Waking up early and going on a morning hike to watch the sunset is a beautiful experience.  Doing this with your girlfriends or significant other adds another layer of comfort for such an experience.

Plus, watching a sunset in any way is a beautiful experience.  If you’re in a colder climate then layer up for warmth.  You want to make sure that you’re warm and not freezing because that may ruin the date for you.  If you enjoy fitness and being a morning person then, you’ll not want to miss such an experience with your close ones.

Ready for a morning hike!

Roller Skating

For this time of the year, most people think to go ice skating as a date or girls’ night out.  However, there are still some indoor skating arena’s that would be a fun experience as well.  My hubby and I have once done this as a date idea and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.  Roller skating is a way to ease those into this kind of sport who are nervous about ice skating.  Plus, it’s a warmer experience so it’s a win/win!

For this type of experience, make sure to dress comfortably and in your favorite athleisure.  I’m a huge fan of cute athleisure with the girls or significant other.   Regardless, roller skating is such a fun experience and you’ll enjoy it with your favorite people/person.

Love to roller skate in an arena with views like this one.

I hope you enjoyed my list of unique Valentine’s and Galentine’s day date ideas.  Which one of these have you done or would like to do?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

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  1. These are some great ideas! I love the idea of the cooking class (especially the part about not having to clean your kitchen afterwards lol). Also the sunrise hike sounds really romantic!

  2. Thank you for cool ideas! I would like to take my husband to cinema if we will find baby sitter. But definitely, we will try cooking class later.

  3. These ideas are just so fun. I actually want to do all of them-whether or not it’s Valentines/Galentines Day or not!

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