5 Tips to Combat the Mid-Winter Blues

We’re at that point of winter where most of us are over it and anxiously waiting for the start of Spring.  This type of feeling is called the Mid-Winter Blues.  Quite honestly, I’m one of those people who are usually is over winter after New Year’s.  The hardest part of the year for me is the time between New Year’s and the beginning of Spring.  It feels as if all the holiday season hype is over and now it’s just the dreaded long days of winter.

Every winter, I go through this feeling.  So over the years, I have come up with some tips on how to combat these Mid-Winter blues.  These have been fool-proof and tested by yours truly.  Everyone is different so apply the tips that work best for you and your daily routine. 

Without further ado, if you would like to learn how to beat these mid-winter blues then, check out my tips below.

Focus on Mindfulness

Most people think mindfulness means doing yoga or practicing meditation.  However, that’s not the correct meaning of mindfulness.  It’s the practice of what makes you feel fully aware of where you are and what you’re doing, rather than focusing on what is going on around you.  Usually, most people focus on doing yoga or meditating since that helps them focus on themselves.  However, you can do other activities that feel good to you and allow you to focus on yourself.

For example, for me, I like to walk for thirty minutes every day.  Sometimes, during my walk, I will listen to a podcast, listen to a holy hymn, or just listen to the sound of nature around me.  Doing this daily activity helps me focus on mindfulness as it allows me to be more aware of myself and what I’m doing.  Those thirty minutes allow me to focus on my mind, body, and soul.  Plus, it’s an activity that makes me happy so that’s always a bonus.

Ready for my daily walk!

Get Moving

One of the best ways to beat those mid-winter blues is to get moving!  Lots of people focus on exercising during this time of the year- because winter workout brings summer bodies, right?  While working out during the winter does allow for a more fit summer body, most people do it for the endorphin release.  If you’re confused, let me break it down for you. 

When you work out, your body releases a chemical called endorphins.  These endorphins produce a positive feeling in your body.  Thus, some people, enjoy working out since they crave that positive feeling that comes from the endorphins released during working out.  That positive energy is what some people crave so in the winter.  This same energy helps some people deal with the dreaded end of winter.   Thus, get up, get moving and release some positive endorphins!

Getting ready to exercise.

Self-Care Habits

Building a self-care routine is essential to overall happiness, especially during these mid-winter months that occur before the start of spring.  Like the other tips mentioned above, self-care can also occur in many ways.  The best self-care habits are those that make you feel fulfilled in your daily or weekly routines. Some self-care habits can be journaling, reading, exercising, skincare, etc. 

For me, self-care habits include journaling, as well as taking care of my hair and nails.  I know those might sound a bit odd.  But when I feel like I look put together, especially with manicured nails & nicely done curls in my hair, I feel my best.  Thus, practicing self-care habits that make you feel your best and your happiest, during this time of the year, will help you combat those mid-winter blues.  The key is to have habits that will make you happy and fulfilled.

Spending time on a skin care routine.


During the winter, we might feel more inclined to stay indoors and not socialize as much.  However, most people forget that as humans, we are social creatures.  So, we need other human interactions to make us feel happy and less dreaded on the inside.  Seeing others and socializing with friends and family will make you feel happy and positive thus, eliminating the sadness from the final winter months.

In addition, socializing with friends or family does not mean that you must go out to a restaurant or concert, etc.  Socializing can be something as small as inviting someone over to your house or having a casual movie and dinner night with some close friends.  As long as you find a way to see your favorite people, that is all that matters.

Grabbing brunch with Ruchita of RuchitaSaluja and Anuja of _anujaaaa_.

Switch it up

I’ve saved the best tip for last!  This type is essential because, without it, I don’t think I could have survived the last bit of winter.  It’s all in the name – switch it up meaning switch up your routine!  To explain it in even simpler terms, if you’re an evening workout person then switch up to the morning.  Having that extra bit of sunshine is essential to your overall mid-winter happiness.

For me, I like to have an early morning routine no matter what time of the year it is.  Mainly because my furry baby will wake me up at 6 am, regardless of the time of the year or the day of the week.  However, since I already have a good morning routine, I try to add working out in the morning during the winter months.  Usually, I work out in the evenings but in the winter, it gets dark so early.  Thus, having that little extra bit of sunshine in the morning helps with releasing my positive energy.

Enjoying morning time with my furry baby (instead of evening walks).

And that is the end of my tips for combating those mid-winter blues!  I hope you enjoyed the tips that I have provided.  Which one of these tips will you be practicing until Springtime?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

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