My Nashville Faves

Within the past few years, Nashville has become one of the topmost visited cities in the U.S.  It’s crazy to think that even just a decade ago, Nashville was not considered a “hot spot” to visit.  However, as of lately, it’s become “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” central and most people add it to their “U.S. cities to visit” list, along with Chicago, New York, etc.

Since I’ve moved from my hometown of New York to Memphis, TN a few years ago, visiting Nashville has become an annual tradition.  It’s only a 3-hour car ride from Memphis so quite an easy weekend trip.  Every time I go to Nashville, I explore a new part of the city.  It’s like there is still so much to do there and it never gets old. 

In addition, every time I visit Nashville, my friends back in New York are always asking me what places to see there, etc.  Which got me thinking that I should put together a blog post with all my Nashville Faves.  Without further ado, check out my Favorite Nashville Spots below.

Coffee Spots

Nashville has quite a nice coffee shop scene.  Sometimes, in between all the touring or food hoping, I like to sit and relax in a coffee shop.  It allows me to rest in between all the fun.  Also, if you are traveling with your dog, most coffee shops are pet-friendly- which is always a bonus!

Anzie Blue  Located in between Vanderbilt University and Belmont University, it’s one of the newer coffee shops.  Even though it’s near two colleges, there are more than just college students that roam here.  You can see Nashville creatives and local celebs frequent here as well.  On a side note, in addition to coffee, they also offer brunch and CBD products.  Pets are also welcome on the patio area.

Fido  It’s located down the street from Anzie Blue so same area.  They feature an all-day breakfast menu as well as lunch and dinner.  They are pet-friendly (dogs on the patio) so much so that some of their drinks are named after dog things such as Milkbone, etc.

Grabbing coffee at Anzie Blue.
The amazing food at Anzie Blue.


The Nashville food scene is one of a kind and one of my favorite cities for food.  Not only do they have Southern comfort food, but also a wide variety of healthy options as well as ethnic combos.

Biscuit Love There are a couple of locations of this place however, their first location was in the Gulch.  They started as a food truck and now have a couple of restaurant locations around the city.  They are known mainly for their biscuits and gravy (cue the name) but offer other items such as cocktails, coffee, other breakfast foods, etc.

Chauhan’s Ale and Masala House  Located in the trendy Gulch neighborhood.  The restaurants’ chef is no other than Maneet Chauhan from Food Network.  The menu offers a fun Indian and Southern fusion with items such as Whipped Paneer, Gol Guppa Shots, etc.

Standing in front of Chauhan’s Ale and Masala House.
The delicious food at Chauhan’s Ale and Masala House.

The Pfunky Griddle  Located in the Bransford Ave area, inside a renovated home used as a restaurant.  It’s a one-of-a-kind restaurant where you can make your breakfast on your own, on a griddle in front of you.  Think of it like Hibachi but you do it on your own, with breakfast food.  They offer breakfast food and breakfast drinks.

Grabbing brunch with the hubbie at the Pfunky Griddle.

Night Life

Nashville’s nightlife has gained so much recognition in the past few years.  You can have your typical touristy night on Broadway or head to some other hidden gems- your pick!

Broadway Strip No Nashville nightlife list is ever completed without including the famous Broadway.  It’s quite an experience.  It’s a street of clubs and bars that you can hop from one end to the other.  The famous Honky Tonk, Acme, etc are located here.

Hampton Social  If you’re looking up places to go to in Nashville, then pictures of this place have come up.  They have the famous pink floral wall that is all over social media.  They are also known to provide Rose all Day (as their slogan goes).  Hampton Social is a fun 3-floor restaurant.  Not only do they offer a rooftop on the third floor, but they also have a private dining space on the second floor, and also offer meals from brunch to dinner.

That famous floral wall, all over social media, is located in the floor at the Hampton Social.
The famous “Rose all Day” wall at Hampton Social.
Drinks with a view at the Hampton Social rooftop.
The amazing rooftop view at the Hampton Social.

LA Jackson  Located in the Thompson Hotel in the Gulch.  It offers beautiful rooftop views of the city, where you feel like you’re in NY and not Nashville.  They offer small bites, desert, and many cocktails.

Enjoying the rooftop view at LA Jackson.
Drinks with a Gulch neighborhood Nashville view at LA Jackson.

Printers Alley  Located right off of Broadway, it’s a hidden gem where more of the locals go instead of tourists.  They have nightlife clubs such as Dirty Little Secret as well as British pubs such as Fleet Street Pub.  It’s a must-see if you ever visit!

View of Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville.

Things to See

In addition to the Nashville nightlife and food scene, there are also some fun touristy things to do in this city.  I love learning the history and culture behind each city that I visit.  So I listed my favorite cultural/touring spots.

Centennial Park + Parthenon  The Parthenon is one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets.  The building is a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.  So, if you’re close by and want to visit Greece, head over here!  It has a nice museum on the inside, focusing on ancient Greek culture and statues.  The Parthenon is located on Centennial Park which is a beautiful park to explore after visiting the building.

Visiting the Parthenon with the hubbie.
Striking a pose by Centennial Park.

Gaylord Opryland  You have not visited Nashville unless you’ve seen OprylandIt’s an indoor resort with restaurants, a movie theatre, indoor gardens, a shopping mall, SPA, etc.  You have to experience it on your own to feel the glamour of Opryland.

Visiting Opryland with my husband, for the holidays.

Those are all my Nashville faves!  I hope you enjoyed the list of places that I love to go to when I visit Nashville.  Have you ever visited Nashville?  If so, what’s your favorite place to visit there?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

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  1. Biscuit Love was on my list before reading this! Now I have so many more places to go to, thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks lovely! Would love to visit! Ah, maybe in another lifetime 🙂

  3. I’ll be visiting Nashville for the first time later this month! Thanks for the list of things to do!

  4. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I love your outfits! They all suit you well. I look forward to your next trip x

  5. It’s always so interesting to learn about new places, and I haven’t explored that part of the country at all! I’m manifesting that I’ll come and meet you in person!!

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