5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again, when you end up hearing the birds chirping and the days are finally getting longer.  However, we still have the end of winter to deal with but can enjoy the slight teases of spring.  During this time, when spring is starting to show its colors, I like to do my spring cleaning.  I feel like if I can get my spring cleaning done before the start of spring then I’ll enjoy the warmer months a lot more.

My spring cleaning can last me a whole month, and that’s only because I spend each week of the month deep cleaning a different section of my house.  Since I work full-time (and write on my blog as well), I’m limited to only nights and weekends to do my spring cleaning.  Hence why it makes me a while however, I like to take my time and do a thorough job.  Also, since it’s still the end of winter, there are not many social events for my hubby and me, so I have time to dedicate to deep cleaning the house.

With that in mind, over the years, I have implemented a system of how I like to do my spring cleaning.  Many of my friends have noticed that I do a thorough and quick job with my spring cleaning.  So, they have asked me to give them some tips and tricks on how to thoroughly do their spring cleaning.  This moment created a light bulb effect in my head, and I thought I would dedicate a whole blog post to spring cleaning.  Without further ado, check out my spring cleaning tips below.

Bedroom and Living Room Cleaning Tips

Cleaning out my bedroom is one of my favorite things to do when I do my annual spring cleaning.  I’m going to mention my cleaning task below- to make it easier for those who would like to follow the same cleaning routine.:

Bedroom Closet:  I like to switch out my winter clothes in my closet to my summer clothes (leaving a few sweaters and cardigans for those transitional weather days).  For my seasonal clothing switch, I also like to go through each piece of clothing and donate any clothes I didn’t wear that winter.  This way, I don’t have an access amount of clothes and only keep those that are being worn often.  Keeping that in mind, make sure to not only switch out your seasonal clothes but to declutter those you don’t wear either.

Bedroom Bedding:  I’m one of those people that have different sheets for summer and winter.  So at the beginning of spring, I will remove my winter bedding (wash, fold and put it in my linen closet) & put out my spring bedding.

Bedroom Mattress: My husband I also flip our mattress around (we do this every 6 months).  For instance, we vertically turn our mattress by 90 degrees – the bottom of the mattress is not on the top.  This prevents your mattress from sinking in one spot and the whole mattress also gets used up.

Getting spring ready in my spring dress.

Kitchen cleaning tips

There can be so many deep cleaning tasks to do in the kitchen.  It all depends on how clean you keep your kitchen during the rest of the year.  For me, I do a lot of deep cleaning tasks every week such as throwing lemon rinds into the kitchen sink disposal, cleaning the stove, etc.  So, for the kitchen cleaning tips, I’m only going to mention those tasks that I do before the start of every spring.

Fridge and Pantry: I will also do a fridge and freezer clean-out. Firstly, I like to start with the freezer. My hubby and I will go through food in our freezer that is close to expiring (or that’s been there since the fall) and make meals with it.  This way, we only have items in our freezer that are current and within the past 3-6 months. 

We also like to go through every item in our fridge and pantry (you can split this task over two days or two nights) and throw out anything that has expired.  I make a box of food we don’t eat that’s not expired like cookies or nuts, etc, and like to distribute that between my neighbors and friends.  They love the free food plus, at least it keeps someone’s bellies happy rather than sit in our pantry, get expired and go in the trash.

Microwave: I will clean out my microwave using the water, lemon, and vinegar trick

Décor: Lastly, I also like to bring out more floral candles for the kitchen during this time of the year.  These scents make the kitchen feel fresh and ready for the bright sunny days!

Living Room Cleaning Tips

Couch: My husband and I flip out couch cushions around.  In doing so, we also vacuum the couch without the cushions on it- since they’re already off the couch.  This way we can get a thorough deep cleaning of the couch.

Rug:  In addition, we also flip our living room rug around by 90 degrees.  This way, the rug doesn’t have bad indents over time from the furniture. 

Décor: I like to bring some fresh flowers to the living room and dining room.  I love the feel of fresh flowers during the spring and summer months.

Outdoors Tips (Backyard and Front Porch/Yard)

I’m not much of an outdoorsy person but over the last couple of summers, I have loved to sit out on my patio and drink my morning coffee during the warmer months.  I’ve gotten nice patio furniture so love to utilize it.  With that being said, I’m going to list my outdoor cleaning tasks below.:

Backyard: My hubby and I will do a quick clean in our backyard as well.  The backyard cleaning is like the front yard cleaning but some extras.  Since we don’t have furniture in our backyard (I know it’s crazy but there is no patio area), we clear out the weeds, and dead plants.  I’ll deep clean the backyard door too.  In addition, we do have a “lawn guy” that helps us keep the front and back yards very pristine.  He’ll give us a thorough clear-out at the beginning of the spring by adding mulch to our flower beds, etc.  Without our amazing lawn guy, I don’t know how I would be able to keep such a nice yard and outdoor area.

Patio: I do a deep clean of my patio.  Such as hose down the front mat and the whole patio.  I also clean the patio furniture since it has been so gross from the winter weather. 

Front Floral Beds:  After the patio is cleared out, I like to work on my front flower beds- cleaning out weeds or dead plants from the winter.

Other Tips

I have mentioned parts of these tips above however, I believe they needed their dedicated section in this post.

Declutter:  One key thing I like to do in my spring cleaning, other than the deep cleaning aspect, is to declutter items I don’t need anymore.  I’ve mentioned above that I declutter my clothes during my bedroom cleanout, but I also declutter many more items.  I also like to declutter jackets and hoodies that I have not worn over the fall or winter.  I’ll also declutter shoes so boots, booties, or winter heels that I’m no longer wearing.  Lastly, I’ll declutter items in all my closets as well so the entryway closet, linen closet, bathroom closets, etc.  I declutter my whole house twice a year (spring and fall) and when I declutter as often as I do, I feel good.  This allows me to keep only the things that I use in my home.  Those that I don’t need can get donated or rehomed to someone who will give them more love and care than me.

Decor: I’ve mentioned some décor things in the items above however, I wanted to give it its section in this post and discuss it more in detail.  I like to bring out my spring wreath and little, small pieces of spring decor in the house.  My main decorating occurs during September – December of the year however, I like to do have some fun florals and lighter colored items in the house- for the spring and summer months. 

And that is the end of my tips for easy spring-cleaning tips!  I hope you enjoyed the tips that I have provided.  Which one of these tips will you use during your Spring Cleaning?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love these tips! Starting to get the itch for spring cleaning and this post made me excited to get started.

  2. These 5 TIPS FOR SPRING CLEANING are really awesome. Thanks for sharing

  3. These are great tips whilst we are about to go into Autumn I like to do the clean and de clutter then as well so this is very timely and will be using some of your tips. Thank you

  4. Thanks for the tips, almost forgot need to start cleaning and decluttering, lol

  5. Wow you’re so incredibly productive! I have to get started on my bedroom closet. I do the exact same thing you do, and I’m so lazy to start!

    1. Aww thanks, Mehaa! It takes me like the whole month since I’m only able to do it on nights and weekends, lol. But it gets done eventually! 🙂 Good luck on the seasonal closet switch!

  6. this was just the motivation I needed to spring clean my entire apartment and start purging things I no longer use or need. Thank you!!

  7. These are all really great tips, especially flipping your rug to prevent the furniture from leaving indents. I never thought of that! Definitely going to be doing that! Thanks for sharing!

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