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As the beautiful summer days are approaching, more people are going out to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I love to go out for walks during this beautiful weather.  I’ll usually head to my local park and take my dog along as well – to burn out his energy.  Being outdoors feels amazing when the weather is good.

I like to go and eat on the patio as well and enjoy dinner on a rooftop as well.  When I first moved to Memphis, a few years ago, there weren’t many rooftops in the city.  As a girl who grew up in New York and had countless rooftops and gorgeous views to enjoy, it was a hard transition to make when my favorite type of outing wasn’t an option.  However, in the past couple of years, Memphis has stepped up its game and the rooftop scene has been growing!

Without further ado, check out my favorite rooftops and some honorable mentions below.

My hubbie and I on the rooftop at Hyatt Centric.

Beck & Call

Beck & Call has recently opened up and the rooftop vibes feel like you’re in a bigger city.  As someone who grew up in NY, I get New York City rooftop vibes in this venue.  It’s located on the rooftop of the Hyatt Centric in Downtown Memphis.  As you enter the hotel, you’ll notice that the hotel lobby bar has an upscale vibe as well.  The elevators are right by the bar, which leads you up to the rooftop.  Usually, there is a line but some nights, you might get lucky.

I went to this rooftop bar for the first time last year and loved it!  It made me miss home in NY so much but I was happy to have a piece of NY in Memphis.  The rooftop bar and outdoor patio are spacious and feel very upscale.  Make sure to dress up as you want to look your best in this venue.

Enjoying a lovely view at Beck & Call

Hu Hotel

The Hu Hotel rooftop was one of the first that I got to experience.  Formerly known as the Madison Hotel, which also featured a rooftop bar.  However, it was not popular with the locals.  Up until a few years ago, the Madison Hotel got new ownership and was renovated into the Hu Hotel.  The renovations have given the hotel a more modern and younger vibe.  Previously, the Madison Hotel had a much older crowd.  However, since the renovations, the Hu Hotel has been gleaming with young adults.

This rooftop also reminds me of a New York-style rooftop bar.  However, it is smaller than the other rooftop bars in Memphis.  Although, the size of the rooftop bar does not beat the beautiful view of the Memphis bridge and the river.

On the rooftop of the Hu Hotel with Lisa Mills of Lisa The Pilot

Peabody Rooftop

The Peabody Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel that is very well known not only by the locals but by the tourists as well.  The Peabody has many fun features such as the Duck Parade, their many restaurants, the architecture of the hotel as well as its rooftop.

Rooftop access for the hotel is available to all not only the guests.  When you go to the Peabody rooftop, you will see the Duck Castle – which is where they stay during the day.

The Peabody Hotel rooftop was one of the first hotel rooftops that I had gone to in Memphis.  The iconic Peabody sign and the views are what makes the visit to this rooftop worth it.

The iconic Peabody sign at the Peabody Hotel Rooftop.

Tiger and Peacock

Saving the best for last (although all the rooftops are my favorites).  Tiger and Peacock is a rooftop bar and lounge located in the Memphian Hotel in Midtown Memphis.  It is located in the heart of Overton Square in Midtown Memphis, which is near some of the best restaurants in the city.  This rooftop venue has an outdoor patio, an indoor bar and restaurant, a private room, amazing décor, and a separate entrance from the elevators.

Tiger and Peacock are open to everyone however, you do have to make a reservation (although, I have heard that is changing but double check on their website).  I love this rooftop because it features a restaurant with good food and amazing downtown vibes and it has a very eccentric vibe.  The architect and interior decorator of this hotel and rooftop did an amazing job with the venue.

Enjoying a lovely view at Tiger and Peacock at the Memphian Hotel.
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Honorable Mentions

In my list above, I have mentioned the rooftop bars that I have gone to as well as the ones that are my favorites.  However, Memphis does have a few more rooftop bars so I thought I would give them an Honorable Mention on my list.  Keep in mind that I have personally not gone to any of those rooftops in Memphis however, have heard amazing things about them.

  • Mississippi River Terrace (Downtown Memphis) – Hotel Guests Allowed Only
  • Terrace at River Inn (Harbor Town)
  • Aldo’s Midtown Rooftop Patio (Midtown Memphis)
  • View Rooftop at Residence Inn Downtown (Downtown Memphis)
  • Bass Pro Shops at Pyramid (Downtown Memphis)
  • Old Dominick Distillery (Downtown Memphis)
The stairs leading to the Memphis Hotel – where the Tiger and Peacock rooftop bar is located.

I hope you enjoyed my list of rooftop venues in Memphis, TN.  As someone who enjoys a good rooftop venue and has grown up near many amazing ones, I hope my list is useful to you.  Are you a fan of rooftop venues?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

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  3. I’m not in the US so I’m obviously not familiar with these places but I’ve actually never been to a rooftop bar before! I’d love to go to one though, especially in summer!

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