5 Types of Beach Cover-ups

It’s finally that time of the year to take the annual trip!  Some people like to go to Europe, or others venture off to more adventurous locations like Southeast Asia or South America.  There are also a select few of us, like me, who love to do a yearly beach trip or vacation.  Whether it’s a beach in the U.S., the Caribbean, or other parts of the world, I will be there!

As goes with any beach vacation, the outfits you pack are essential.  Since it is an annual family or friends’ trip, you’ll be taking tons of pictures, so you know that you want to look your best.  For me, my biggest struggle is packing my swimsuits and coverups.  I like to coordinate my coverups with my swimsuits so that it feels like an outfit instead of just beach attire. 

So, I thought I would share some of my favorite types of beach coverups with my readers!  Without further ado, check out my favorite types of beach coverups below.

Wearing a fun kimono from Style Palette Fashions, with basic shorts and a tee.


A dress may seem like an obvious choice however, in this case, I’m referring to the type of dress.  Since most of the time, beach restaurants require some sort of clothing, you want to make sure that your dress is appropriate.  I like to go for dresses that cover up my swimming suit straps so it looks like I’m out and about instead of just coming from the beach.

I also like to aim for either knee-length or maxi dresses.  I love wearing a long dress at the beach since it gives some great pictures – whether in a couple or with your friends.  Maxi dresses are also just a great summer staple to have in your wardrobe.

Wearing a maxi dress, with a bikini underneath.


If you haven’t worn a kimono as a coverup then you need to do it!  It’s just a fun and colorful addition to your beach wardrobe.  I have a couple of kimonos and honestly, they’re my favorite type of beach coverup.  I love that they look waterproof and look super cute too!  However, keep in mind that most kimonos are not waterproof but rather made of material that dries fast.  For me, by the time I put on my kimono and head to a beach restaurant, it has dried up.

Kimonos come in many different styles, colors, and materials.  There are also kimono dresses that work as a great beach cover-up too.  No matter which type of kimono you choose, it’s a great essential for your beach coverup collection.

Wearing a bikini top, shorts and a kimono.

Shorts and a Top

This type of combo is the most basic beach coverup combo.  You can’t go wrong with shorts and top combo as your beach coverup.  However, there are a couple of ways that you can go about this combo. 

For instance, one way to wear this comb is the athleisure route by choosing a gym top with gym shorts (preferably a bit baggy or made of soft material).  Another way to wear this combo is by choosing a nice summer blouse with denim shorts (my favorite and go-to).  Another option is to wear a sleep shirt with swim shorts.  The possibilities are endless with this combo.

For me, I either opt for the athleisure wear or the summer blouse and denim short version.  Depending on my after-beach day plans, I will opt for a certain look accordingly. 

Wearing a peek-a-boo top, with shorts, over a bikini.


This type of beach coverup option has become more popular in recent years.  It’s not one of my favorite combos but I’ll opt for it now and then.  For those wondering what’s a romper- it’s shorts and top combined into one.  Think of it as a onesie for babies but for adults (best way for me to explain it). 

The only issue with rompers is that you must completely strip down when you’re going to the bathroom.

However, if that doesn’t bother you then you’ll love a romper as a beach cover-up option.  Truthfully, I’m a huge fan of rompers despite what the fashion gurus have to say.  I love a romper for a night out as well as for the beach. 

For a beach romper, I’ll opt for a cotton one or a terry cloth-looking one.  Both are functional for the beach as well as a beach restaurant or going to the mall afterward.

Wearing a romper, over my bikini.


A sarong is one of the most classic beach coverups.  There are many lengths, styles, prints, and ways to tie a sarong.  If you’re unfamiliar with what a sarong is- it’s a beautiful long piece of cloth that you can tie around your waist.

I haven’t used sarongs much as a beach coverup.  It’s not that I don’t think they’re beautiful, I just prefer to throw on clothing rather than worrying if I tied it tight enough.  I’ll usually opt for a “sarong skirt” sometimes if I want to.  However, it’s a nice type of beach coverup because you can use your bikini top as a crop top, and it looks like an outfit.  Some beach restaurants will allow this type of coverup.  So, make sure to check with the restaurant dress code before you choose a sarong as a beach coverup option. 

Wearing my bikini (as a crop top), with a sarong-inspired beach maxi skirt.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the different types of beach coverups.  As someone who enjoys a beach vacation, I hope this list was helpful to you.  What is your favorite type of beach coverup?  Let me know in the comments below!

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