Types of Summer Shoes

As we are going along with our Summer this year, I have always wondered what shoes can go with what outfits.  Since most summer shoes are open-toed shoes, there tend to be lots of variety to choose from.  For me, I always either end up in wedges or gladiator sandals and tend to choose the same shoes every time I step out of the house.  However, this summer, I have taken it upon myself to branch out and have fun with my shoes for once.

As someone who enjoys a colorful outfit (I am not that neutral gal), I always tend for neutral tones in my shoes, purses, and accessories.  However, lately, I realized that I don’t have to always go for neutral tones in my accessories- especially for the summer.  Summer is made for enjoying bright and fun colors.  So, you can have more fun with your outfits with some colorful and fun shoes.  As I try to meet my resolution of trying to branch out in my shoes, I thought to write a blog post about the different types of summer shoes. And since this post was also very popular last year, I thought I’d bring it back this year as well!

So, without further ado, check out my list of the type of summer shoes every fashionista gal should have in her summer shoe collection!


Flip-flops are your classic go-to summer shoes.  As a child, I would love to play outdoors with my flip-flops.  However, as an adult, there is less playing, and more work done.  But I still do enjoy the classic flip flop during the hot months.  They come in many colors and styles so you can’t go with pairing them for any outfit.

I like flip-flops with a thick cushion because it allows for comfort when I’m standing for long periods.  It’s also so quick and easy to put on a pair and run out of the house.  I prefer to wear them as indoor shoes or have a set for a quick errand run or keep a pair for the beach.


Gladiators are fun summer shoes that give the elegant feel of a heel but not the pain.  I like Gladiators because they’re fun to wear when running errands or on a casual brunch date with your girlfriends.  They’re also super easy to take on/off if you’re on a beach trip with your family.  They give you a little bit more of a style than flip flops, the feel of flip flops and they can look dressy!

Gladiators are my favorite shoes when I know I need to walk a lot, but I don’t want to wear sneakers with my dress.  They’re fun and come in many styles/colors.  As stated above, I usually cater to neutral tones but I am trying to branch out into brighter shoes this year.

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Heeled Sandals

Heeled Sandals have been a classic go-to for summer shoes.  Over the years, the styles have changed from chunky to minimalistic to contemporary.  Lately, the braided strap has been trending everywhere and I’m such a huge fan of those!  I got myself the braided heels from Target and have been wearing them so much since spring.  I get a lot of use out of heeled sandals since they can be dressed up, dressed down, or the highlight of the outfit.

For me, I like to stick to a chunky heel when choosing heeled sandals.  It makes it easier for me to walk in since thinner heels are such a hassle.  I’m a huge fan of heeled sandals for brunch dates.  They’re fun, easy to wear, and can be styled in many ways.


I’m not a huge fan of mules but there can’t be a summer shoe list without them!  Mules are the type of shoes that are closed-off on the front and open in the back.  Mules can also be worn during the fall/winter since they are traditionally closed from the front.  However, most people like to wear them during the summer months to signify the warmer climate.

They’re comfortable to wear so if you have errands to run after a brunch date, these are the type of shoes you would want to wear. I like the mules that are also open in the front since closed-toe shoes for the summer make my feet sweat (TMI but true).  The mules that have the open-front look like wedges but are so much more comfortable.


Sliders are like gladiator shoes in which they are flat yet stylish.  They give the comfort of a flip-flop but the look of wedges or heeled sandals.  Most sliders are backless, open-toed, and include either one strap or multiple straps on the shoe on the those and front of the foot.  My favorite kind of slider has a thick strap in the front of the shoe.  I feel like those types of sliders can be dressed up or dressed down.

Sliders have multiple uses and can be worn in different types of environments.  You can wear them to the beach, go to the grocery store in them, go to brunch, or wear them to a summer BBQ/pool party.  They have many uses and all of them work well for this type of shoe.  Sliders are also easy to slip off/on- hence the name of the shoe “slider”. 


Saving the best for last – wedges!  Wedges are shoes that have a platform type of heel, the heel is at an angle but it’s one huge chunk, and it either has the front of the shoe cover or in straps as well as the back of the shoe.  They’re great to pair with a summer dress or a shirt/blouse outfit.

I love wedges during the warmer months.  However, a wedge with a high heel is never my favorite but sometimes, I opt for them depending on the outfit.  I usually opt for a lower-heeled wedge since it is more comfortable for me.  If you’re noticing a theme here- yes I prefer comfort over a pretty heel but will test my boundaries! 

I hope you enjoyed my list of the types of summer shoes.  As someone who loves summer and all summer fashion, I hope this list was helpful to you.  What type of summer shoe is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love the outfit and shoe combinations! There a fashion designer that always says “Life is hard enough. Dressing should be fun!” So I think it’s great to try things that make you happy and feel good. 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful post! It also has done a wonderful job at reminding me how badly I want a pair of heeled sandals….

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