How to Style a Summer Midi Skirt

Summer is my favorite season of the year (next to fall).  I love how everyone is so happy since the weather is amazing.  Being in the South, however, the summer heat does tend to rise a bit.  But, people are still generally happier and willing to go out and about.  The one other thing I love about summer is the summer fashion.  From skirts to dresses to the different shoes– it’s all so much fun to style! 

Every year, I have a new summer obsession – whether it’s maxi dresses or other summer trends. This year, I have grown an affinity for midi skirts.  I never used to be a fan of midi skirts because I didn’t know how to style them well.  However, I played around with midi skirts this year and have grown to love them!  This thought process led me to write a post about how to style a summer midi.

So, without further ado, check out my tips on how to style a summer midi skirt!

A-line Midi Skirt

An A-line Midi skirt is a classic type of midi.  If you’re unfamiliar with what an A-line skirt is, it’s a skirt that is gathered at the top and has a slight flare either knee-length or below.  A-line skirts are perfect for those that are pear-shaped as it accentuates the smallest part of the waist – therefore the attention is away from the heavy parts of the body.

However, just because you are pear-shaped or you aren’t pear-shaped, doesn’t mean that the A-line shape should be worn by only that body type.  Fashion is supposed to be fun so if you enjoy the A-line cut then wear it and have fun with it!

For my A-line midi skirt, I wanted the attention to be on the skirt.  Since this skirt has a beautiful floral pattern, I did not want any other parts of the outfit to grab my attention.  So, I paired my A-line midi skirt with a basic white tee-shirt, wore some fun bold floral earrings, and added a pair of nude pumps.  I felt like if I kept the rest of the outfit neutral then the show of the outfit will indeed be the A-line midi skirt.

Midi with a Slit

I love any type of clothing that has a slit – whether that’s a maxi skirt, a jumper, or a maxi dress.  So, a midi with a slit was right up my alley.  For those unfamiliar with slit, it’s a cut on the item of clothing from a quarter or halfway to the bottom of the item.  Slits allow some tight-fitting silhouettes to move belter.  They also allow for some clothing to flow better and gives an overall fun yet feminine vibe to the clothing piece.

For my midi with a slit, I wanted the emphasis to be on the skirt- like how I styled the A-line midi skirt.  For me, I like to focus on the bold clothing item and make sure it gets the attention that it deserves.  Thus, I paired it with a white tee, some fun earrings, and my favorite summer braided sandals.

Straight Midi Skirt

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the straight silhouette however, when I saw this midi/maxi skirt, I knew I had to have it.  Straight skirts are exactly how they sound – they go straight from the top to the bottom.  There is no flair but is it very form-fitting.  There are only a few body types that can pull off the straight midi skirt (basically those with 0% stomach flat and have abs).  However, I found a way to make a straight midi skirt look flattering yet fun.

For my straight midi skirt, I have paired it with a fun cropped top.  Those cropped top I used has a scalloped edge, however, feel free to use any crop top with some fun details.  Also, since my straight midi is a bright green color, I used a cropped top within the same color range (mint green).  I liked the way the colors played off each other.  As with all my looks, I added the final touches of fun earrings and my favorite nude wedges. 

This look was one of my top 10 favorite looks ever created.  I’m glad I branched out and faced my fear of trying out the straight silhouette.  That goes to show that you can wear any silhouette- as long as you style at your comfort level and feel fabulous in it!

Tiered Midi Skirt

The tiered midi skirt has to be one of my favorite silhouettes next to the A-line cut.  The tiered cut is a type of cut that has layers of clothing joined together.  It allows for the clothing item to flow better and is more of a bohemian look.  This type of cut also flatters most body types – it pretty much looks good on everyone.  The tiered cut has been making its way back as a recent fashion trend.  I have seen it in many dresses lately and love this type of cut.

For my tiered midi skirt, since it was nude, I wanted the rest of the outfit to stand out.  So, I paired it with a pastel pink tank top, a bold necklace, studs, and some girly heels.  I never styled an outfit that focused on the top half before, but I loved the way this turned out!  Again, fashion is about taking risks and having fun.  I would have never worn such an outfit but I’m glad I experimented and ended up loving this look

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to style a summer midi skirt.  I had a blast playing around with certain silhouettes and color palettes while figuring out how I wanted to style my summer midi skirts.  I hope you all enjoyed my tips.  Are you a fan of summer midi skirts?  Let me know in the comments below!

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