Tips for Getting Back into Reading

For the past couple of years, I have been wanting to get back into reading.  Every new year, I make a resolution to read a certain number of books for the year.  However, I go back to square one and I’ve read no books for the year.  It’s been a struggle for me to get back into reading – especially with the influx of being able to easily binge-watch any TV show.

But I wanted to make a huge change this year.  I got tired of watching the same shows and tired of searching for shows or movies to watch.  Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with binge-watching a show.  However, I wanted to expand my knowledge outside of the realm of the entertainment world.

So, I made a conscious goal to make an easy and obtainable reading goal for me this year.  Once I made that goal, I was immediately back into the grove of reading!  It felt good to flip a page of a book and get lost in the world created by the author.  My small yet obtainable goals finally got me to read again and I wanted to share some of my tips – for those struggling to get back into reading.  So, without further ado, check out my tips on how to get back into reading!

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Join a Book Club

The most obvious way to get back into reading would be to join a book club.  I have struggled with finding a book club in Memphis, TN.  However, a few of my friends that have joined book clubs swear by them.  They’re a great way to meet up and have something to do once a month (or however often the book club meets).   

Some book clubs have themes such as horror, sci-fi, etc and others meet for mutual interests like wine or trying new restaurants in town.  I’m a huge supporter of book clubs and hope to join one later this year – once I complete my reading goal (you’ll see below).

Keep a “To Be Read” (TBR) List

The To Be Read (TBR) list is quite common amongst readers.  Quite honestly, I had only heard about this recently – when I was looking up tips to get back into reading for myself.  It’s an easy tip and works for many.  This tip is quite simple – you just keep a running list of books you would like to read one day.  This way, you know you have books that pique your interest so it’s a way to get you interested in getting back into reading. 

While it may be a simple tip, it was not working for me.  Mainly because I need the extra push to go and either buy the book or borrow it from the library.  Although, once I found my groove back into reading, I have gotten excited about my TBR list.  So, it’s helping me continue to keep this habit.

Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks have been around for a little bit now.  Some people enjoy audiobooks while others are not a fan.  Whatever you take on audiobooks is, at least give it chance.  I’ve listened to one audiobook, and it wasn’t bad.  I got to do my chores, such as cleaning the house, while I listened to the audiobook on my AirPods.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m a huge print-book kind of gal but I enjoyed going handsfree and multitasking.  Devoting time to reading is also an issue many faces when trying to figure out how to bring this habit back into their lives.  So, introducing audiobooks is a happy medium between living your busy life and introducing books into your life again.

Re-read Your Favorites

This is a tried-and-true favorite tip.  Re-reading your favorite books will get your interest in reading books again.  Make a list of your favorite all-time novels – this can include your childhood favorites as well (such as Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc) – and then pick a book and start reading!

For me, this was the tip that helped me get back into reading.  I’ve given myself the goal of re-reading my all-time favorite Harry Potter series by the end of the year.  I haven’t picked up or re-read the series in years so this was a great challenge for me.  After the third book, I was excited to get back into reading again (as most know, the first two Harry Potter books are slow). 

Set a Small Goal

Another tried-and-true tip that has helped me get back into reading this year.  I knew that setting a goal of reading 24 -30 books a year was not going to be feasible for me.  A huge goal as such can be overwhelming for people, like myself, who have not read books in years.  So, I gave myself a smaller more obtainable goal.  I set monthly book goals and those monthly goals would help me reach my yearly goal.

For me, I focused on a small number of books to read this year.  Instead of two books per month which equal 24 books a year, I aimed for one book every two months which equals six books for the year.  While six books may not seem like a lot – it is for someone who needs the push to make reading more of a habit.

In addition, with the goal of re-reading the Harry Potter series by the end of the year – which encompasses seven books in the series –, I would accomplish the completing six books just by completing the series.  Both these goals have been excited about reading again. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to get back into reading.  The combination of these tips has gotten me excited about reading again.  Are you a huge fan of reading?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Girl. Getting back into reading is a struggle for me. I’ve been on the same book for months!!

  2. Smart to set goals that are realistic to what we know about ourselves. Better chance to attain them. I used to love to read so much!! I still do, but I rarely sit down to do it.

  3. These are some helpful tips to get back reading! I think having a list of books you want to read really makes a difference!

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