How to Find Your Niche as a Blogger

A lot of times, bloggers and many content creators are told to find a niche.  Most people don’t even realize what a niche is, and I was one of them.  After much research, I learned about niches within the blogging world and settled on a couple that I enjoyed writing about.  I settled on choosing fashion, travel, and blogging tips as my main pillars (niches).  I also write bits and pieces about my life but that is few and far in between.  However, the main three niches are the ones I focus on for this blog.  I have enjoyed writing about these niches.  Thus, I thought that others may need help in choosing their niche as well.

During my research, it got me thinking that there may be others, like myself, who were clueless about a niche.  It also got me thinking that those people would love to learn more about what a niche is for a blogger.  Thus, my creative juices got flowing and I put together this blog post!  So, without further ado, check out my tips on how to choose a niche as a blogger (and/or content creator).

What is a Niche?

First things first, we must go to the basics and learn about the meaning of a niche.  If you were clueless like me, and don’t even know about what is niche is, how to find one, etc, then keep reading along.  In the simplest terms: a niche is a specific type of topic that you’ll write about on your blog (or create content about on other social media platforms).  For instance, if you love fashion then you write about fashion.  But you can dwindle and write about something more specific.  Such as budget-friendly fashion or wedding fashion, etc.  The type of niche you choose has no boundaries and can be any type of specific topic that you desire.

Most people think, why even create a niche?  Having a broad topic can bring in more audience which is indeed true.  However, you want to make sure you have an audience that will continue to come back to your blog every time you make a new post.  For example, let’s take the fashion topic again.  If you write about shoes this week and then dressses the next week, you may lose some readers.  As some of them will only be interested in reading about shoes and others about dresses.  But if you pick a specific topic like budget-friendly shoes, etc then you’ll have a loyal reader base.  These readers will continue to come back to your blog for the budget-friendly blog posts.

A lot of people struggle with what to choose as a niche, as choosing one can be rather difficult.  However, choosing a niche for your blog shouldn’t be that hard.  There are some tips and tricks I’ve listed below so I hope you find them helpful.


One easy way to find a niche can be to choose one of your many hobbies.  Hobbies are something that most people are interested in their day-to-day lives.  Writing (or creating content) about something that interests you comes naturally and easily.  Coming up with various topics about your hobby will also come easily rather than struggling to write about something you don’t’ enjoy. 

For example, if you love skateboarding then write about skateboarding.  But you can specify your topic even further and talk about skateboarding tricks or professionals, skateboarding, etc.  The opportunities are endless when you’re trying to pick a niche within your hobby.

Most Searched or Read

Another easy tip in trying to find a niche within a category is to write about your most searched or read topics.  If you are searching and reading about specific issues, then you will enjoy writing about them as well.  This type of brainstorming is helpful since you write about the things that interest you.

For me, I would always search for fashion trends and try to incorporate them into my everyday style.  So, I started to write about fashion trends.  Sometimes, I’ll even write a blog post about a trend that I recently searched for or a trend that I have loved.

Top Three

One way to find your niche without having to think too hard is to pick your top three favorite things.  For instance, if you love ice cream, reading, and bike riding then choose those as your niche and write about them.  Even though those topics don’t all relate to each other, it’s what will make you stand out as a blogger amid the constantly growing blogging industry.

For me, my three favorite topics are fashion, travel, and blogging tips.  Initially, I only wrote about two things, which were fashion and travel, as I was searching for my third topic.  Low and behold, I found my third topic to write about as I was writing my blog posts.  So I incorporated blogging tips as part of my top three topics to write about on this blog.

Write a List

One of the easiest ways to find your niche is to write a list of things that you are passionate about in your life.  For this task, you want to make sure to write a list of about 50 topics that you would potentially write about in a blog post.  This exercise helps you realize how much you have to say about one topic.  You want to make sure that you can still write about your topic week after week and year after year.  So, it helps dwindle out the ones in which you can only create two or three blog posts.  This exercise also helps you realize what you’re passionate about since you’ll have more things to say about that topic which equals more blog posts about that topic.

For me, I started to make a list of a few topics such as self-care, reading, etc.  However, the topics that I had the most to say about were fashion and travel.  So this exercise helped me choose my two niches of fashion and travel.  I’m glad to have done this exercise for my blog or else, I wouldn’t have been able to continue to write about the things that I am passionate about.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to pick a niche for your blog (or your content for your social media platforms).  These tips have helped me niche down on my blog and I hope they are helpful to you as well.  What is your niche?  Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “How to Find Your Niche as a Blogger

  1. This is a great way you’ve broken down how to come up with a blog niche. I may apply some of these tips!

  2. I wish I ‘d taken the whole ‘niche down’ advice at the start of my blogging journey! I put a lot of effort and energy into some posts that just didn’t really have a place on my blog. Oh well, live and learn?

    1. Oh girl trust me, we all make those mistakes! I also have a couple of posts like that on my blog.
      All these tips come from trial and error from me. But I’m glad, I wasn’t the only one struggling in the beginning. 🙂

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