Why It’s Okay to Take Blogging Breaks

Taking a break from anything feels so hard to do especially if it’s part of your life- such as blogging me.  For my first couple of years of blogging, I didn’t think taking a break was possible.  I thought that my stats, views, etc will all suffer so I needed to be consistent.  However, over the past year, I learned that it’s okay to take breaks, and taking breaks is healthy for my blog to grow.  Also, if you work full-time and your job allows you 2+ weeks of vacation then you should also allow yourself that vacation from the blog. 

Within the past year, I may have taken at least 4-5 weeks off from my blog overall.  Whereas, in previous years, I would have taken only one week off.  I realized that even though I have taken more time off this past year, my stats have still been consistent.  In addition, I have been able to enjoy my blog even more than you used and feel less overwhelmed.  Anyway, if you’re looking for reasons to take a break from blogging then read my tips below.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes, with blogging, you may feel overwhelmed.  The constant need to push out content, posts, relevant topics, be consistent, etc, can be a lot of work if you don’t take a break.  When you do take a break, it helps you relax and then come back with more energy to devote to the blog. 

I feel as if, every time I come back from a blogging break, I come back with even more ideas and topics to write about.  I will also have the energy to devote to my new ideas and topics whereas, before my blogging break, I would not have had the energy to do so. 

Feeling Refreshed

Anytime a break is taken, you feel more refreshed and ready to tackle the issue.  The same type of feeling applies to taking a break from blogging.  Once you take that break and return to the blog, you’ll feel more refreshed and happier.  This feeling will also show in your content and your readers will notice it too.  Having that refreshing feeling gives your blog more of a positive tone which is great for newer readers and keeping up with statistics.

For me, I always have a feeling of being more refreshed.  As mentioned above, I’ll have more energy to create new types of blog posts, etc.  The blogging break gives me a sense of relaxation that I need.  Since, for the most part, I feel like I have two jobs (between my full-time job and the blog).  So taking a break allows me to focus on my full-time job and be more refreshed for the blog.

Prevent Burn Out

With any hobby or creative task, there comes burnout.  We have seen many content creators on YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc have the feeling of being burned out from constantly creating content.  Burnout is unavoidable; in fact, I have felt burned out with my blog at times.  However, you can always find ways to ease the burnout or prevent it for longer.  Taking a break allows you to prevent the feeling of burnout from blogging. 

For me, I have had those feelings of burnout on multiple occasions.  Thus, I’ve allowed myself to take breaks from the blog so that I can deal with those emotions.  Even if you do feel burned out, taking a break from blogging (or any type of content creation) is a healthy way to cope with burnout.

Reassessing Your Goals

With any blog or blogger, some goals have been set in place.  You want to accomplish those goals but sometimes, life gets in the way, so those goals are pushed further.  Even worse, sometimes you can’t even accomplish that blogging goal because certain aspects of life are preventing you to accomplish that goal.

For me, taking a break from my blog allows me to review my goals and see what I need to do to accomplish them or set new goals.  I like having milestones for my blog such as, making a certain amount of fashion posts, having a certain number of views, etc.  So, when those goals aren’t met or are close to being met, I like to take a break to see what changes I need to make to accomplish the goal.  Reassessing my goals helps me focus on the behind-the-scenes of my blogging.

Time for Other Interests

When you take a break from the blog, you can make time for some of your other interests.  For example, if you have been wanting to complete a puzzle, color an adult coloring book, make a scarf, etc, then you can dedicate that time to those hobbies.  It’s okay to have multiple hobbies if you dedicate a reasonable time to each hobby.

For me, I like to devote the extra time to either binge-watch a TV show or read a book on my list.  I love me some good TV and a good book however, those two hobbies or activities always get pushed to the back of my activities.  I’ve learned that sometimes, taking a break from my blog to work on my other interests is okay and I shouldn’t feel guilty about it.  Enjoying my other hobbies also gives me more happiness and thus, that happiness translates to the blog. 

At last, that concludes my post on tips for why it’s okay to take a break from blogging.  I hope you enjoyed these tips that have helped me not feel guilty about taking a break from blogging.  What is one thing that you have learned from taking a break from your blog?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve been feeling the need for a while to take a break from blogging.

    But I didn’t feel like doing it.

    However reading your reasons here convinces me that I should.

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