Disney World & Universal Florida Outfit Ideas

Recently, I have gone to Disney World and Universal Florida as my summer trip for 2022.  As I was preparing to pack for the trip, I was struggling with what to pack for the trip.  Usually, my summer vacation trips will be to a beachy location or a tropical island.  Now and then, I will choose a more “tourist” heavy vacation- meaning one that doesn’t require me to sit on a beach but rather walk, explore and tour a city.  For my beach vacation trip, I usually pack the same outfits – beach attire, cover-ups, nice dinner dresses, and swimsuits.

However, every time I pack for a trip that involves some exploring, I always struggle with what to pack.  Therefore, as I was packing and researching what to pack for Disney World & Universal Florida, I thought others (like myself) must also struggle with what to pack.  So, I thought to create a blog post about it to help you all out!

Without further ado, check out my outfit ideas and tips for Disney World & Universal Florida.

Disney World:  Magic Kingdom

For the first theme park, my husband and I chose to do a lighter day and opted for Magic Kingdom in Disney World.  We knew that Magic Kingdom still had a lot to do, including the rides, the gift shops, and the restaurants.  But it still felt like a lighter day compared to the other parks that we wanted to visit.  For this day, I wanted to wear matching shirts.  However, as most men do, my husband forgot his Disney shirt at home.  So I wore my Disney shirt and he opted to compliment his outfit to my outfit.  I paired my outfit with classic denim shorts, Vans Dupe shoes, and the epic Mickey Ears – can’t forget those!

Something I learned when choosing an outfit for Magic Kingdom during the heat is to wear what is most comfortable for you.  Choose comfortable walking shoes so sneakers, comfortable flip-flops, keds, etc are the best options.  Also, option for cotton shirts since they have the most breathable fabric.  If you’re choosing to wear Mickey Ears or any kind of headgear, make sure it had a secure elastic.  This way it won’t fall on rides and you don’t have to worry about losing it. 

Disney World:  Hollywood Studios & Epcot

For the second theme park day, we wanted to do Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  Outside of Magic Kingdom, those two parks were on my Disney World bucket list.  For this day, I wanted to wear breathable fabric but not have to deal with denim shorts.  Therefore, I chose a romper, which looked cute in pictures but was also easy to get around the park/on rides.  I still wore my Vans Dupe shoes, my Mickey ears, backpack, and sunglasses.  I wanted to make sure I was comfortable and not hot from the heat.

In addition, if you notice, I choose to add pigtails to my hair on this day.  I noticed other girls my age doing pigtails and did not understand it until our Magic Kingdom day – my hair was so sticky and gross from the humidity and sweat.  So, putting my hair in pigtails allowed it for a cute look, keeping it from getting gross as well as not looking boring like putting it up in a bun.  And that’s another tip – keep your hair simple and out of your face.

Universal Studios:  Hogsmeade

When most people visit Orlando, FL, they usually go to one amusement park- whether that is Disney World or Universal Studios.  I wanted to go to both parks because I wasn’t sure when I was going to be able to visit the parks in Orlando, FL again.  Thus, I wanted to make the most of my visit while I was visiting that city.  For this day, I wanted to dress in more of a “Harry Potter” attire.  I didn’t want to dress up in a cloak because of the Florida heat.  So, I opted to wear a Harry Potter shirt (from Target), with denim shorts, sneakers, and sunglasses.  I also wore my hair in pigtails again because I enjoyed how easy it was to not worry about the humidity affecting my hair.

One outfit tip that I learned on this day, is that if you can wear sneakers- do it!  The comfort my feet felt on this day from the sneakers was amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Vans Dupe however, the sneakers were the best option for me.  While they may not look as cute, they were comfortable and I enjoyed my day a lot more when my feet felt good.

Universal Studios:  Diagon Alley

On our last days at the parks, we opted to go to Diagon Alley because I wanted to ride the Hogwarts Express.  While I could have explored more of Universal Studios, my focus was mainly on the Harry Potter attractions since I am such a big Harry Potter fan.  For this day, I went for a cotton tank top, linen blended shorts, sneakers, and sunglasses.  I continued to wear my hair in pigtails but I did a little bit of a different style.  I did a bubble pigtail instead of a braided pigtail.  I wanted to opt for a little different pigtail look because I got bored of the braided pigtails after a couple of days.

One outfit tip that I learned from this day, is that linen blended clothing is amazing!  My shorts were one size up so not only were they breathable but also baggy and I enjoyed the extra breeze (haha).  Also, wearing light colors such as white or light green helps with retaining less heat in your clothes.

Overall, I had a good time in Orlando, FL during the beginning of July.  I know next time, not to visit during the crazy summer months. 

I hope you enjoyed my Orlando, FL Look Book and Outfit Tips.  As someone who enjoys going to Amusement/Theme parks, this was such a fun trip for me!  Are you a fan of Amusement/Theme Parks?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

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  1. OMG I’m here for everything about this trip that I want to relive it this exact same way. And the sneaker tip is totally on point. I remember my mom making me wear sneakers in the theme parks as a kid, but I never understood why until lately!

    1. Aww thanks, Mehaa! Honestly, I learned the hard way, lol. I didn’t do sneakers on the first two days and I suffered but glad I switched mid-way through.

  2. The photo from Hollywood Studios looks so amazing!!! Wow! Really amazing! But I also like your outfit for this day. It looks very comfy and has a nice color. My second favorite is that you had at Disney World: Magic Kingdom.

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