Travel Diary:  A Weekend in Nashville, TN

Living in Memphis, TN over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege to experience Nashville and its growth.  Nashville didn’t use to be as big and as popular until recently.  However, having a city near you that has grown so much over the past decade is a great feeling.  You can escape to that city for the weekend and then come back to your cozy home.

Also, Nashville has been one of my favorite cities lately.  Not only is it hospitable and the food scene is amazing but it’s one of those cities that you visit which is different from other cities in the world.  You won’t get a replicated vibe of Nashville anywhere but in Nashville.  The combination of Southern Hospitality with the city vibes and music scene makes it such a fun city.

I have done a Nashville post in the past, describing my favorites in the city.  However, I wanted to put together a post about my recent Nashville travels and how I have explored Nashville.  Without further ado, check out my recent travel diary of a weekend away in Nashville.

Enjoying the night at Layer Cake.

Day #1:  Honky Tonk

As every tourist visiting Nashville, they head for Honky Tonk for their first destination.  Honky Tonk is a classic Nashville location to visit.  It’s a 3-floor bar and music scene that has something different on every floor.  You get a saloon kind of vibe but in a modern atmosphere.

Since this visit was a visit with a few of my family members visiting that have never been to Nashville, we had to do the tourist thing and show them Honky Tonk.  My family loved it since it was completely different from what they were used to in other cities.  They have recommended a visit to Honky Tonk for any future tourist visiting Nashville.

Enjoying the night at Honky Tonk.

Day #2:  A Family Affair

This weekend trip to Nashville, TN was done since my sister was graduating with her Nursing Degree.  We had quite a few cousins and my parents visiting for the big event.  So, naturally, we had a family day to enjoy with the parents and the cousins. 

We started the day off by having an amazing brunch at Tavern – which is one of my sister’s favorite brunch spots in Nashville.  Afterward, we got ready for my sister’s Pining Ceremony for her Nursing school.  So proud of her for completing her dream (see picture below)!

After graduation, our family went to dinner at one of our favorite spots- Chahuan’s Ale House.  I love this restaurant not only for the mere fact of it being Maneet Chauhan’s restaurant, but the food is good.  Also, we got to meet Maneet Chauhan that day too and you bet that I was fan-girling!

Once dinner was over, we dropped off my parents at home and had a night out on Broadway.  If you haven’t been to Nashville, then know that Broadway is the one spot you must see. 

Nashville has blown up on its rooftop bar scene, so we were excited to visit the W Hotel’s rooftop bar called Proof.  It had spectacular views and reminded me of my hometown NYC rooftop vibes.

The delicious brunch at Tavern.
My sister and I at her Nursing School Pinning Ceremony.
Always a good time at Chauhan’s.
Had a lovely “post dinner” fun at the W Hotel’s rooftop bar called Proof.

Day #3:  Final Night

The last and final night of our Nashville trip has come!  This day started off being a bit more laid back.  Since we had a hectic couple of days, we took our time waking up and starting the day.  Once we were all up and ready to go, we made it more of a family day and hung around my parents and my cousins.

When it got closer to dinner time, we went out for dinner.  Since some of my cousins had never had southern bar-be-que, we took them out to a local Nashville BBQ spot.  The BBQ was good, but I’m biased and prefer the Memphis BBQ. 

Just like the previous night, we dropped my parents off and headed out for a night of fun.  This night, we didn’t have any plans of where to go.  We just walked onto Broadway and hang out at the first awesome place that we saw.  This amazing rooftop bar was called Layer Cake and it was such a great discovery- highly recommend a visit!

After this night, we left the next morning back to Memphis, TN.  We had a great quick weekend trip celebrating my sister’s success and seeing my family after a long time.

My sister and I at Layer Cake.


Since my sister lived in Nashville, TN for the past 18 months, we usually stay with her.  But she had a studio and we had about eight family members, including my husband and I.  So, we booked a hotel right near Broadway called Tru by Hilton.  There were a lot of us so we wanted to make sure that we could have adjoining rooms. 

Tru by Hilton was one of the few hotels that offered adjoining room amenities for large parties.  The hotel was amazing, extremely clean, close to Broadway and they allowed pets (a plus for us fur baby owners)!  They were also accommodating to our huge party, and we enjoyed the stay. 

The hotel was walking distance to Broadway.


Usually, when we visit Nashville, we would have a big mix of eating out and eating in.  My sister would be kind to cook for us and honestly, we can’t handle that many days of eating out.

However, since this Nashville trip was the first visit for a lot of my cousins visiting, we ate out a lot.  We wanted to make sure that they tried major Nashville spots and got a flavor of that Southern wholesome food.  Overall, this trip ended up being more of a foodie trip than usual – although, I can’t complain, the food scene in Nashville is amazing!

Overall, that was my travel diary for my short and productive weekend trip to Nashville!  I hope you enjoyed my summary of my trip.  What is your favorite city that you visited?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Nashville has been on my bucket list for so long! I cannot wait to go to the Honky Tonk and check out all the yummy food. Thank you so much for sharing I am def saving this for my trip!

  2. Everytime you share about your travel adventures, it always peaks my curiosity! esp since I haven’t explored that side of the country!

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