5 Things to do this Fall

Every spring, summer, fall, and winter, I come up with a checklist of activities and things to do with my family.  Having a checklist as such helps me enjoy each season and remember to accomplish all the seasonal goodness.  I love catering each season to seasonal activities and helps me enjoy each season to its fullest. 

For fall, as it tends to be almost everyone’s favorite season, I do the same thing.  I know most people have some form of a Fall Checklist.  So, I thought I would share my fall checklist or things to do in the fall, with you all.  This checklist includes some of my favorite fall activities.  I hope it helps you accomplish your fall tasks as well.  Without further ado, check out my checklist of things to do this fall.

Completing a Corn Maze

Every other fall season or so, I like to complete a daytime or a nighttime/haunted corn maze.  There are many reasons why I enjoy doing a corn maze.  One of the many reasons is that I enjoy doing puzzles.  So, when there is a puzzle involved with one of my favorite seasons, which is fall, then you know I must do it!  Corn mazes also help me get into the fall mood and I enjoy that quite a bit. 

Regarding a haunted corn maze, I’ve only done it once and it was a fun time!  It’s not as scary as you think it is.  If you don’t run away or react to the “monsters” or “masked figures” then they won’t chase you down.  It’s a great activity to do with friends or a fun cousins/family friends activity.

Eating Fall-Themed Food

One of the many fun things about fall is the fall-themed food that tends to come out during this time of the year.  Pumpkin spice, apple cider, squashes, etc are all types of fall-themed food that come around during this time of the year.  Most people get excited about the pumpkin spice items, but truth be told, I’m more excited about all the Trader Joe’s fall-themed goodies.

For me, fall is also about the vegetables and fruits available during this time of the year at the farmer’s market.  It’s always fun to create a fall-themed food with a fall vegetable or fruit that’s so unique.  I also have grown to love the flavor of cinnamon over the years and enjoy it in my coffee during the fall months.

Fall Baking

One of the best things to do in the fall is to start your holiday baking early!  Start making some pumpkin bread or cinnamon buns to enjoy the season and the festivities.  I’m not a huge baker but I know many people who are and their favorite times to back are for fall and winter holidays.  It’s a great family-friendly activity and you can include everyone to do something while baking.

I do like my fall sweets, so I’ll usually buy something from a local bakery.  I feel like since I’m buying from a small business or shopping locally, it feels as if I’m contributing to a bigger cause.  The most baking I’ll do is maybe (big maybe) make a pre-mixed box of pumpkin spice brownies or something.  Regardless, I enjoy the fall goodies, so I’ll try to include them in my seasonal activities. 

Fall Cleaning

One of the least common things on a fall bucket list is fall cleaning.  It may sound odd to do fall cleaning as well as spring cleaning, but it helps keep things in order.  For fall cleaning, you may want to clear your spring/summer clothes or your fall/winter clothes, other household goods, and maybe some old decorations. 

I always like to do a clean-out during both the spring and fall.  I feel like if I do a mass clean-out twice a year, it doesn’t feel as big of a burden when I’m trying to focus on it once a year.  It also helps me keep things tidier and not hoard too much.  Those are the few reasons that I like to do a twice-a-year clean-out as well as it also helps me focus on being more minimal. 

Pumpkin Picking

Saving the best fall activity for last, pumpkin picking.  Going to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins is such a classic fall activity.  It’s something that many families have done for generations and continue to do.  You can never get tired of going pumpkin picking once a year as ends up becoming a fall tradition and it’s such a blast.  It’s also a kid-friendly activity so many families with younger kids also opt to include this activity in their fall bucket list.

I enjoy going to a pumpkin patch as the next person and it gets me into the mood of the fall season.  Pumpkins also make me super happy for some reason.  I like to pick a couple of fresh pumpkins from the pumpkin patch to use as décor on my front porch.  I feel like it sets a fun fall ambiance for my guests who arrive at my home.

Those are my top five things to do this fall!  I hope you enjoyed the fall bucket list that I have provided.  What is your favorite fall activity?  Let me know in the comments below!

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