4 Types of Diwali Party Outfits

It’s that time of the year again when I’m enjoying the Indian Festival and Holiday Season.  When I think of fall, two things come to mind:  that crisp fall weather with pumpkin season as well as the joys of the Indian festivals.  Growing up in the States and having an Indian background makes me appreciate both sides of me- the American and the Indian side.  So, I also like to celebrate both parts of me.  This means I have both pumpkin decorations and Diya’s decorated around my house at this time of the year. 

With that being said, the biggest Indian holiday of the year, Diwali, is around the corner.  I like to do a Diwali post on my blog every year, so this is my post for Diwali 2022!  I wanted to do something different this year, so I thought to put together a post of the different kinds of Diwali outfits that can be worn to various types of Diwali parties.  Anyway, without further ado, check out my Diwali party outfit recommendations below. 

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You can’t go wrong with your classic Anarkali.  It can be so elegant as well as dressed down or dressed up that you can wear it to any kind of Diwali party.  For those wondering, an Anarkali is like a long dress (usually up to your ankles) with some tight pants underneath (like silky leggings) and a dupatta (long scarf).  They can be as heavy or as light as you want them to be.  The best part about an Anarkali is that you can wear a more casual one to a temple event and a more blinged-out one to a friend’s party.

I love to wear Anarkali’s for most types of Indian festivals.  I feel girly in them because it’s like a long dress so you can twirl around in them.  Also, they are super comfortable because it’s like wearing a dress with leggings.  With other types of Indian outfits, I must be more careful of how I walk around in them.  But with an Anarkali, it’s so easy to walk around in and foolproof to mess up.

Casual Anarkali.
Decked out Anarkali


No Diwali outfit list is complete without the option of an Indo-Western outfit idea.  For those who don’t know what an Indo-Western outfit is, it’s exactly as the name states – a mixture of both Indian and Western outfits combined into one.  Most people tend to wear an Indo-Western outfit to a friend’s Diwali party since it’s more of a fun outfit and friends’ parties can give you the leeway of a more fun outfit.

No Indo-Western outfit is the same as the other.  They all have different and unique qualities that make them stand out.  I love any kind of Indo-Western outfit.  However, my favorite ones are usually the ones that are playing off the Anarkali.  Since I like the ease of the Anarkali, this type of Indo-Western outfit is still easy to wear yet fun to party in.

Top: Similar to a dress with a slit; but with Indian elements.
Bottom: Similar to tights but with Indian elements.

Salwar Suit

Salwar suits are classic outfits that are usually worn to the temple.  A salwar suit is typically flowy pants (like MC Hammer pants – lol), paired with a long kurta top and dupatta (scarf).  Most people don’t wear a salwar suit to a friend’s party or a fancy Diwali party in a venue.  It’s usually an outfit saved for the temple.  Since its a pants and top type of outfit, it’s easy to wear in a temple environment when you’re moving around a lot.

I have my fair share of casual and decked-out salwar suits.  Since I come from a Punjabi/Sikh background, my salwar suit collection is the biggest one of all the Indian outfits.  I like to save a salwar suit for the temple events as well.  They’re easy to wear and I can choose to go as casual or as decked out as I want.  Salwar suits have always been a classic favorite of mine for a Diwali outfit for the temple.

A mix of both casual and decked out Salwar suit


Just like the Indo-Western option, you can’t have a Diwali outfit option without including a Sari/Saree option.  On a side note, for this blog post, I will be spelling “sari” as such (instead of “saree” or “sari/saree”).  Anyway, a sari is a long piece of cloth (usually 7 feet) that you drape around yourself with a blouse underneath.  Just like an Anarkali and a Salwar suit, Saris’ can also be either casual or more decked out.  Sari’s are more worn for a temple Diwali or a friend’s Diwali party.

Since my biggest collection of Indian clothes are salwar suits, I have fewer sari’s and those sari’s are usually the more decked-out ones.  I don’t mind as I usually don’t have an issue finding a sari for a party since most of my sari’s are party sari’s.  Sari’s are also a classic type of Indian outfit and any kind of sari is appropriate for a Diwali event.

One of my favorite sari’s! It looks simple but the blouse is all decked out!

And there you have it; my four types of outfit choices for Diwali!  For those who celebrate Diwali, what type of outfit are you planning to wear this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. Saree’s are such a classic! And yes, it’s all on my parents making sure we kept our traditions. 🙂 And I plan to keep those traditions with my future kids as well.

  1. I love all your recommendations! I think i’ll wear a suit this year. Keeping it easy! Happy Diwali to you!

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