Four Types of Thanksgiving Dinners and Outfits

With Thanksgiving around the corner, everyone is starting to prep their Thanksgiving dinner options and outfits.  Some people have also started having Friendsgiving so, the Thanksgiving season has started early for those groups.  Every year, I like to do a Thanksgiving outfits post (click here for 2020, and 2021) however, I have been losing my creativity with coming up with a different type of Thanksgiving outfits each year.  Since most Thanksgiving dinner outfits are usually very similar year-to-year.

After some brainstorming, I have come up with some fun Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) dinner outfits for each type of dinner.  I’m excited to bring up a different type of Thanksgiving outfit post since I was losing my momentum this year.  Anyway, without further ado, check out my types of Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) Dinners and Outfits.


There is always that one family that has a Casual Thanksgiving dinner.  These types of Thanksgiving dinners are my favorite because they require a low-effort outfit but you still get to dress up.  In addition, since it is more of a Casual dinner, the food scene is not as stressful.  The dinner will consist of one or two Thanksgiving staples and then normal side dishes.  It usually consists of a smaller gathering, such as an immediate family of 4-10 people and that is all.

This type of Thanksgiving dinner involves wearing a nice pair of jeans and a sweater with boots or something similar.  Think of an outfit you would wear to the grocery or shopping but add a holiday touch to it.  It is a low effort that an outfit you would wear running errands would be appropriate as well.  My go-to outfits for this type of Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) are a sweater dress and tights or a sweater with jeans.


I have never added this type of Thanksgiving dinner or outfit to my list before.  However, I thought I should add it to my list this year.  I have had a couple of friends talk about hosting an Ethnic themed Friendsgiving so, it gave me the idea to add this type of dinner and outfit idea to my post.  If you are like me and you are of South Asian descent, then you know to pull out your South Asian outfits for this type of Thanksgiving dinner.  Lately, I have loved my South Asian clothing (more than usual), so I love any chance to bring out these bad boys.

Depending on the type of Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving (casual or fancy), you can sort your Ethnic outfit accordingly.  I like to go by Coco Chanel’s wise words and always tend to overdress.  However, I rather overdress than undress.  Sometimes I like to dress in an in-between outfit, that is not too heavy and night too light.  Nevertheless, whatever type of ethnic outfit you end up wearing; it will fit the theme well.


Most people attend a Fancy Thanksgiving since they like to celebrate the start of the holiday season- including myself.  My husband’s side of the family loves to dress up for Thanksgiving so we usually get dressed up for it.  Most fancy Thanksgivings (or Friendsgivings) involve cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, etc.  Think Holiday glamour outfits but room for your stomach to take in all the Thanksgiving goodness. 

For this type of Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) dinner, I like to wear a Holiday cocktail dress.  Sometimes it will be of chiffon material and other times, it will be velvet.  Since Memphis weather is unpredictable during the holidays, where it can range from 50 or 80 degrees, the type of dress material depends on the weather we get.


Saving my favorite type of Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) dinner and/or outfit idea for last – the Pajama theme!  I can’t tell you how many times my friends and I have done Pajama-themed dinners.  It’s easy, fun and so much less stressful when you’re not worried about what to wear.  Also, my immediate family has unofficially done a Pajama-themed Thanksgiving and we have now embraced it.  A Pajama-themed Thanksgiving still means that you have the full spread of Thanksgiving food however; you have dressed the part to eat, enjoy and relax.

Some families like to do their Pajama themed dinner in holiday pajamas- to get adorable family photos.  Others like to wear mismatched ones so it can show the chaos of the holiday.  Whichever type of Pajama-themed Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) dinner you’re having, enjoy it in the most casual yet fun type of outfits.

And those are my four types of Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) dinners and outfits.  What type of Thanksgiving and/or Friendsgiving will you be attending this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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