Three Indo-Western Holiday Party Looks

We’re at that time of the year again, when the holiday cheer is loud and clear, and the holiday parties keep us dancing the nights away.  As this year’s holiday season and holiday parties are upon us, most of us (like me), are working the outfits in our heads.  I usually have a couple of holiday parties to go to so, I have a good collection of holiday outfits from over the years.  However, I’ve noticed that a lot of my Indian friends and family have also been doing holiday parties.  Thus, creating some Indo-Western looks for those parties- which has become popular over the past few years.

As someone who is of South Asian descent and has grown up in the U.S., I’m always open to combining both of my wardrobes.  The mix of both types of outfits creates such a fun final outfit that I have always loved mixing both my cultures.  Thus, I wanted to create an Indo-Western lookbook for my readers- especially my fellow South Asian American readers.  In addition, I got to collab with my two local Memphis Desi Content Creators, Bidisha of Mermaid Bidisha and Abhirami of the_rvk_lifestyle.  Without further ado, check out the three Indo-Western Holiday party outfit ideas below.   

Indian Holiday Party Looks

Classic Sari

The classic sari is a gorgeous seven-foot cloth that you drape around yourself with a subtly cropped sari blouse.  Abhirami of the_rvk_lifestyle is wearing one of these classic saris.  Her blouse is a gorgeous tan color with florals and a tassel tie in the back, with a matching red and blue sari, and tassels on the end.  The sari is paired with a nice dangly, sparkly earring, simple black heels, and the classic touch of a red bindi. 

The red in the sari is perfect for that South Asian holiday party but pulling in the traditional Christmas red.  It’s the perfect blend of both words- South Asian and Western.  This type of look is perfect for that uncle/aunty party that loves to throw down a holiday party, but the dress code is ethnic attire.  I love this look because it’s classic with a modern edge.

Glam Sari

A glam sari is the same length of cloth as a classic sari (a seven-foot piece of fabric) however, it’s one that you go all out in.  Imagine wearing such a sari to a Diwali party or a New Year’s party for South Asians.  Bidisha of Mermaid Bidisha is in a gorgeous teal sari with copper sparkles and a plain teal blouse.  The plain blouse compliments the glitz and glam of the sari so well.  Since the blouse is plain and elegant, all the attention is on the gorgeous sari fabric.  Bidisha paired the sari with traditional Indian Jumke earrings, a classic pair of nude pumps, and a teal bindi.  The classic accessories to the sari help you focus on the gorgeous sari itself.

This type of look is perfect for that South Asian holiday party taking place in a venue or the one uncle/aunty that just enjoys dressing up for their house parties.  I’m a huge fan of sparkle for the holidays.  So, this sari is a perfect combination of the traditional Indian flair with the fun Western sparkle. 

Kurta and Sharara

To make things a bit different and to be outside of the box, as I usually am, I’ve chosen a Kurta and Sharara look.  A kurta is a beautiful long or short blouse (usually thigh – calf length) and a sharara are fun baggy pants in a multitude of styles.  I’ve chosen a high-low one-sleeve kurta with a belt and paired it with matching sharara pants.  This look included no dupatta (a long scarf to accompany the outfit) so I left it as is.  I accessorized with some gold Indian hoops, clear heels, and a teal bindi.

This type of look can be worn to both a South Asian holiday house party and a South Asian holiday party at a venue.  This look is not only modern but fun and chic at the same time.  I love this outfit and can’t wait to wear it this holiday season!

Indo-Western Holiday Party Looks

Classic Sari Blouse Re-styled

For this first Indo-Western holiday party look, Abhirami focused on the sari blouse.  She used the sari blouse as a cropped top for her pleather midi-skirt, added a biker-chic jacket, and kept the same classic black heels.  This look was so unique yet such a fun twist to the classic pleather skirt look.  Pleather skirts have been such a rage these past few years, especially during the holiday season.  I have seen tons of pleather skirts paired with cropped tops so when Abhirami took her sari blouse and paired it with her pleather skirt- it was a great way to combine both her wardrobes (South Asian and Western), into one.

I love that she took her classic sari blouse and turned it into a fun edgy holiday party look.  This look is perfect for that holiday house party that your friend or neighbor is throwing.  The color scheme also goes well with the holiday season.

Glam Sari Blouse Re-styled

The glam sari was stunning, and the blouse was even more stunning.  Even though the blouse was simple and plain, the material and the look of it were still very glam.  For this Indo-Western holiday party look, Bidisha took a gorgeous holiday party dress and added the sari blouse on top.  This way, the sari blouse, and dress combo looked more like a cropped top and skirt combo.  She accessorized the look with a gold statement necklace, nude pumps, and a biker chic jacket.

With this look, you could never guess that she was wearing a classic sari blouse.  The color combo of royal blue and orange goes so well.  Even though it’s not the traditional holiday/Christmas seasonal colors, it’s still a good holiday party look for any type of holiday party.  However, this type of look is perfect for that Work Holiday party.

Kurta Re-styled

Styling my kurta and sharara for an Indo-Western holiday party look was tough.  Since the sharara pants were not high-waisted enough for a cropped top look and the kurta top was too short on one end to wear as a dress.  In the end, I got rid of the sharara pants, stuck with just the kurta top, and added biker shorts so that there were no flashing accidents.  I also removed the mirrored belt, so it looked more like a fun dress to wear to a holiday party.  I accessorized the look with clear heels and long dangly sparkly earrings.

This type of indo-western holiday party look is perfect for that friend’s house party or friends’ holiday party in a fancy venue.  The look can be dressed up or down and it’s such a fun combination of both South Asian and Western cultures.

And those are the three types of Indo-Western holiday party looks, with the addition of some traditional South Asian looks.  Which one of the looks was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love how you’re doing Indo-Western holiday looks! I never thought of adding Indian to my holiday wardrobe! But I definitely should!

  2. Thanks for featuring us Komal! It was so much fun hanging out with both of you🥰 Also thanks for styling my 2nd look!

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