Last Minute Valentine’s and Galentine’s Outfit Ideas from Your Closet

I know I say this every year, but I can’t believe that we’re already in the second month of the year!  It feels like January had just flown by and we’re in February already!  It’s crazy to think we’re already in the second month of the year.  With that in mind, February is a month of expressing and appreciating your loved ones.  A lot of focus has gone on Valentine’s Day over the past century.  However, Galentine’s Day has become a huge ordeal over the past few years as well.  Thus, for me, this is the month to show my appreciation to both my hubby and my gal pals.

Since I’m trying to change my blogging schedule this year (more on that some other time), I thought to do a Valentine’s and Galetine’s Outfit post in which you can shop your closet.  Often than not, we’re always looking for new clothes for new events.  However, sometimes, when we look at our wardrobe, we already have what we were looking for.  And sometimes, that outfit hasn’t been worn in years, so we have now a newfound love for this piece of clothing.  We also tend to style it differently than before, so it helps with that clothing feeling like new.   Anyway, check out my post on Last Minute Valentine’s and Galentine’s Outfit Ideas from Your Closet.

Bold Accessories

I love pairing bold or colorful accessories with a little black dress or neutral outfit.  It helps make those colors pop in an outfit and if you’re anything like me- you’re a colorful girl instead of a neutral girl. 

So, adding these pops of colors helps with bringing the color to our outfits that bring us joy.  It also adds a bit of fun element to the outfit rather than your typical red or pink outfit for Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day.  Thus, I like to add pink or red for my Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day outfit in my shoes or earrings.

For this type of outfit, I’ll typically stick to a neutral outfit.  So, staying with shades of black, gray, brown, etc helps bring out that pop of color.  In my closet, I have two sets of red shots- a pair of maroon booties and a pair of long red suede boots.  Both have been in my closet for years.  I’ve almost had the red boots for about 10 years!  Anyway, I’ll try to incorporate those bold shoes during Valentine’s and Galentine’s as much as possible.  If you have a special piece in your closet in a shade of red or pink, try to incorporate that into your last-minute outfit.

Sweater: Similar | Leggings:  Target | Red Boots:  Similar
Adding red boots and a red purse to my outfit.
Added red booties and red earrings to my neutral outfit.

Casual Dress

Depending on the type of event we are going to, sometimes we can opt for a casual dress- especially if it’s a last-minute invite or a last-minute outfit option.  Casual dresses allow for movement during an event and help you feel more comfortable.  Most of us have some form of casual dress in our wardrobes.  Whether that’s a house party, wine + paint night, bonfire, etc- a casual and comfortable dress is acceptable for this type of event. 

For this type of outfit, I’ll look for a casual dress in shades of red or pink.  Then I’ll add a sweater to it and some neutral shoes.  The more comfortable the outfit for me, the more confident I will feel at the Valentine’s or Galentine’s event.  Look for a dress in your closet in cotton fabric or even a bit thicker but not something you would wear to a cocktail party event.  Add some fun red or pink accessories and there is your outfit!

Wearing a maroon casual dress. Added a sweater, tights, booties and earrings.

Cocktail Dress

Another popular outfit for a Valentine’s or Galentine’s event is the classic cocktail dress.  You can’t go wrong with wearing a cocktail dress for this type of event.  Whether it’s casual, fancy, or extremely low-key, a cocktail dress never goes out of fashion.  It’s also the type of dress that most people have in their wardrobe and can dress up in multiple different ways.

For this type of outfit, I like to dress it up to the max.  Cocktail dresses are my favorite type of dresses to wear to an event.  They’re easy to dress up and no matter what, they always look good.  I’ll usually add a sweater to the dress (to make I can stay warm during the February cold), some nice earrings, and shoes.  Try to find a cocktail dress in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while and add a different set of accessories to it – it’ll feel like a brand-new outfit!

Dress: Macy’s | Shoes:  Aldo | Necklace (not pictured):  Amazon
Wearing a red cocktail dress with pointed toe flats.

Chunky Sweater

For those that live in a colder climate environment then, wearing dresses is usually not the preferred option.  Although tights can always be added to a dress- most people will opt for something warmer.  A chunky sweater is typically the popular option for that type of environment.  Chunky sweaters help with keeping warm and they also look nice- if dressed up properly. 

For me, I like to add a chunky sweater to either a dress or nice pants (such as pleather pants).  I’ll try to either have a red/pink chunky sweater, or red/pink bottoms and a neutral chunky sweater.  Either way, there will be elements of Valentine’s or Galentine’s peaking through in my outfit.  Try to look for the same in your closet and you’ll have your chunky sweater outfit ready as well as being warm.

Wearing a maroon chunky sweater, with red pleather pants & black booties.

Sweater:  Macy’s | Dress: Macy’s | Shoes:  Aldo
Wearing a dress with a chunky sweater over it, with flats.

Satin Skirt

In more recent years, satin skirts have become trendy.  I have been a huge fan of this trend but have not been able to find the right satin skirt.  Satin is a type of material that must fit you just right since there is no stretch to the cloth.  Thus, there is no room for movement but if the fit is right, it looks flattering and hugs the body at the right curves.

As for me, I prefer a satin skirt with a sweater – again for warmth.  February is still a cold month so staying warm in these outfits is key.  I’ll pair the outfit with either heels or boots – depending on the length of the skirt.  For reference, heels look better with a longer skirt, and booties/boots look better with a shorter skirt.  Since a satin skirt is a classic, try to find it in your wardrobe.  Add a fun, chunky sweater, along with minimal accessories and neutral shoes.  You want the focus to be on the satin skirt so, keep everything else neutral and minimal.

Wearing a pink satin skirt, with a plain white sweater & clear heels.

And there you have it- my list of last-minute Valentine’s and Galentine’s Outfit ideas.  Which one of these ideas was most beneficial to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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