Four Types of Western Holi Outfit Ideas

I always love the start of spring because it means that one of my favorite Indian holidays, Holi, will be around the corner.  I always loved playing Holi, as I got older.  It’s such a fun and happy Indian Holiday.  I mostly enjoy throwing colors at others without a care in the world.  It’s such a fun feeling just getting color on others.  If you want to learn more about Holi, click here to check out my blog post on breaking down the meaning of Holi, etc.

One of the best parts about Holi is that you don’t have to get too dressed up.  Since the end goal is getting color all over you which can get very messy, most people opt for more casual outfits.  However, I’m one of those that loves to dress up no matter what.  So, I try to find my balance between dressy yet casual outfits for Holi.  If you’re like me, you’ll like to read more about my Holi outfit suggestions, especially with a Western twist.  Without further ado, check out my Western Holi outfit ideas below.

Black Top & Ethnic Pants

Most Holi outfits opt for some sort of white clothing since the Holi colors show up the best on white clothes.  However, most people don’t realize that black clothes also show the Holi colors.  I believe that a simple black top can go a long way in a Holi color fight.  I also love the simplicity of black and that it can be paired with almost anything.

For this type of outfit, I usually go for a black top and ethnic printed pants.  The pants I’m wearing below have a tribal print which doubles as an Indian-themed print as well.  I like the nude/tan in the pants since it brings some color to the outfit.  I like to pair it with minimal earrings, flip-flops, or flats.

Working on a Neutrogena Collab in my Black top & Ethnic pants.

Bright Colored Dress

One of the more common Holi outfits I have seen over the years is a bright-colored dress.  Most people opt for yellow, bright green, orange, etc.  The bright colors feel exciting to wear for Spring but also look good for the Holi colors.  The bright colors play well with the colors of Holi and can show off certain colors.  It’s also a unique take on a Holi outfit instead of your typical white or black outfits.

For this type of outfit, I’ll usually go for a bright yellow or pale pink dress (or top).  If it’s a colorful top, then I’ll pair it with leggings or shorts (depending on the weather).  For my accessories, I like to wear fun earrings- something with an Indian touch.  This outfit is a bit more fun and girly so adding big earrings pairs well with the feel of the outfit.  Lastly, for my shoes, I like to keep them simple with either flip-flops or flats.  The more casual the shoes, the easier to chase someone with Holi colors.

Light Weight Maxi Dress

Most people in India go for a lightweight kurta.  While wearing a lightweight kurta is fun and keeps the ethnic feel, I like to switch it up with a lightweight maxi dress as the Western version of this type of look.  Maxi dresses are extremely versatile.  You can wear a lightweight maxi dress in any color, and it will look good as a Holi outfit.

For me, I like to opt for more Spring colors when choosing a Maxi dress for Holi.  I also like to wear either sandals or flip-flops.  Again, comfortable shoes are key for any type of Holi outfit.  Lastly, my accessories or minimal but I can go for an Indian-themed earring.

White Top & Bottoms

Saving the classic Holi look for last – which has been working in both Eastern and Western cultures.  The white top look is a great Holi outfit no matter where you celebrate it in the world.  It’s such a classic Holi outfit and it never goes out of style.  Most people usually wear some sort of white clothing in their Holi outfits each other.  I’m a huge fan of this type of outfit as it’s super versatile.

For this type of outfit, I usually go for a white top and some sort of bottoms.  Depending on the weather, I’ll either wear shorts or leggings for this kind of Holi look.  Since it’s such a plain look, I like to wear some fun sandals (keep it simple and practical) and add some Indian-themed earrings.  This look is great, classic, and can be worn year after year.  Most of my Holi outfits in the past have always been composed of a white top and bottoms.

And that is the end of my list for Western Holi outfit ideas!  Which one of these options will you be opting for this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Until this blog post, I never put too much thought into my Holi outfits…mainly because 1. I don’t particularly enjoy Holi & 2. like you said, there’s not a lot of dressing up…so I usually go for the classic: light color t-shirt and leggings. But i love the top and ethnic Pants idea!

    1. Girl, I feel the same way! But I know some people do dress up so I thought I would get this post out for them. And I’m glad you liked the ethnic pants post idea!

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