Five Winter to Spring Outfit Transition Ideas

Spring is almost here!  And if you’re anything like me, the start of the warmer weather is excitement to your ears.  I love the fresh smell of the new floral blooms and the sunny temperatures.  Spring also feels like the start of a fresh new season in life.  Every spring, I love to do a spring cleaning, to get rid of or donate anything that I don’t use anymore. 

However, the start of spring can always be a bit tough.  The weather may still be cold or trying to transition into warmer temperatures.  During this transitional phase, I like to have some spring-ready outfits that can keep me warm when it’s slightly cold outside.  For some spring outfit inspiration, check out my previous posts from 2022, 2021, and 2020. Without further ado, check out my Spring Transitional outfit ideas below.

Baggy Jeans

Believe it or not, baggy jeans are slowly making a comeback.  Most of us millennials don’t want this to be true but, I’m sad to report that it is indeed true- baggy jeans will be returning in fashion.  While most of us are not anticipating the return of baggy jeans, they make a great staple to transition from winter to spring fashion.  Baggy jeans offer some warm yet still airy coolness.  So, it helps with both when you feel cold and hot, to work with the temperatures around you.

For my baggy jean outfit, I paired it with a simple tank top and some casual sandals.  The tank top and sandals bring my outfit into spring while the jeans keep me warm for some of the colder days.

Fun Patterns

As with any spring (or summer) time, you can have fun with your outfits by choosing fun prints or patterns to wear.  The start of spring allows for fun and bright colors to come back into your closet.  I like to usually do stripes or florals during this time of the year.  I feel like those patterns work great while the weather is transitioning from cold to hot.  Also, wearing fun patterns generally bring people happiness.  So, bring out those crazy and fun spring patterns!

For my outfit below, I chose a lightweight floral printed dress.  This dress has more muted colors so can be worn in the fall as well.  I like a lightweight dress for spring and fall because it works well for the transitional weather.  To keep myself warm during the transitions, I’ve paired the dress with tights and my favorite red booties.

Light Layers

Layering is key with the transitional weather!  I love to layer with cardigans, light sweaters, and thin tights.  I feel like the lightweight layers help keep your body temperature at bay when the weather is constantly changing from cold to hot and back to cold.  Lightweight layers also work better than thicker layers because the thicker ones may make you feel hotter during the day.  You need layers that you can work with throughout the spring days’ constantly changing temperatures.  In addition, the light layers also had some fun dimensions to your outfit.

For my outfit below, I have paired a lightweight cropped tee on top of a lightweight dress.  I like that both outfit items are lightweight, so it feels like a true spring outfit.  I’ve also paired the outfit with some fun earrings and plain black sandals.

Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are such a fun way to transition from winter to spring.  Not only are they a spring staple, but they are also long so help you feel covered up when it’s windy or still slightly cold outside.  I am a huge fan of maxi skirts during transitional weather.  It’s a great staple to add with a light sweater, or tank top and tee shirt.  In addition to maxi skirts, midi skirts are also a good staple to have during the winter-to-spring transition time as well as for your overall spring wardrobe.  Also, a maxi (or midi) skirt will look good, no matter how you style it.

For my outfit, I paired my long green maxi skirt with a crop top.  I can also add a cropped cardigan to this outfit if needed.  I’ve added fun long earrings and wedges to my look.  The wedges help the outfit look more like a spring outfit and less like a winter outfit.  You can also opt out of the wedges for some flats, to keep your feet covered in case it’s a colder spring day.

Spring Colors

The best and easiest way to transition to spring is to start wearing those bright spring colors!  It doesn’t matter which bright color you choose but if you wear it, you can start to feel like it’s spring.  I love adding bright spring colors to my wardrobe.  It makes me happy and excited for the start of the fresh new season.  Most people feel this way as well.  In addition, it helps with the sad feeling of the winter blues.  If you feel in a slump during the winter-to-spring transition time, wearing bright spring colors will help elevate your mood.

For my outfit, I chose a bright yellow dress.  I feel like yellow is made for the spring season.  I’ve paired my yellow dress with nude wedges and yellow tassel earrings.  Notice that I also added a cardigan, for those colder nights and mornings.  This whole outfit yells spring to me and it’s one of my favorite springtime outfits.

Those are my suggestions for winter-to-spring transition outfit ideas!  Which one of these outfit ideas was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

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28 thoughts on “Five Winter to Spring Outfit Transition Ideas

  1. I love all these transitional outfit ideas! So cute! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. Yes agree! Fun patterns and spring colors are so essential as we transition to warmer weather. Great ideas! Thank you!

  3. I just love your ideas. I think March is the most difficult month to find the perfect outfit, as it is not cold nor warm. And the weather changes so fast at least in the city where I live. But your ideas are very practical and interesting. And I love that your outfits are so colourful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Cosmina! The key is to think of layers. Usually we do that in the fall but spring is the same way- it changes from hot to cold back to hot. So layers is your best friend!

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