Three Types of Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Ideas

If you’ve been a follower and reader of my blog then you know that I post an annual Thanksgiving Outfit idea post.  Typically in the past, I have suggested Family and Friends-giving outfit ideas.  However, this year, I’m going to suggest outfits that work for both kinds of Thanksgiving dinners. 

I’m a huge believer in repurposing outfits.  Thus, I wanted to make simple outfit recommendations that can be used for any kind of Thanksgiving dinner party.  So, I’m hoping that these ideas will be helpful when looking for outfit ideas in your closet.  Anyway, enough of my rambling- check out my Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Ideas below.

Casual Thanksgiving Dinner

For a casual Thanksgiving dinner, whether that is with family or friends, I would suggest wearing a fun sweater dress, a sweater over a skirt, or even a comfortable sweater with jeans and boots.  All these three options work well for any type of casual family Thanksgiving dinner or casual friends Thanksgiving dinner. 

Any of these outfit options can be worn with winter heels or boots/booties.  I prefer a nice chunky heel or a bootie for these types of outfits.  Jewelry can be kept at a minimum since it’s a more casual dinner and you don’t want to be too overdressed (although, that’s not a bad thing).

Casual Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Option: Pair a chunky sweater with a skirt & booties.

Casual Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Option: Sweater dress & booties.

Dressy Thanksgiving Dinner

For a dressier Thanksgiving dinner party, I would suggest a dress that’s more of a cocktail attire instead of a formal dress.  Formal wear is cleaner and simpler whereas with cocktail attire, you can have more fun with the outfit- even if it’s a dressy event.  Also, I enjoy that with cocktail attire, there are more options for how dressy you can be.  You can do anything from a fun holiday party dress to a jumpsuit- the possibilities are endless!

I love to wear a midi-sweater dress with nice touches of jewelry and simple heels for this type of Thanksgiving dinner party.  Like above, this outfit works for both a Friends-giving and a Family-giving dinner party.

Dressy Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Option: Midi-sweater dress & booties.

Dressy Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Option: Cocktail Dress

Pajama Party Thanksgiving Dinner

Lastly, for those of you who love an adult Pajama party- you can opt to do a Pajama themed Thanksgiving dinner party.  You can have your guests bring out their holiday pajamas and start the fun holiday season early!  The pajama theme is also amazing as it allows you to be comfortable.  So, this way, you can eat as you please not worry about being uncomfortable in your clothes.  I love a good Pajama theme for a Thanksgiving dinner party!  It’s one of my favorite kinds of Thanksgiving dinner party themes/outfits to wear.

And that was my short yet sweet list of Thanksgiving Dinner Party Outfit Ideas!  Which Thanksgiving dinner party outfit will you be wearing this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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