Holi: The Festival of Colors

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Life has been crazy.  What was I thinking when I thought I could manage a full-time job, a part-time MBA program, a blog and all other life stuff?  Well, in the midst of these things, my blog is always something I’m struggling to keep up with.  However, I’m still determined to provide you lovelies some posts and that’s what keeps me going!  In this post, I’m bringing to you, one of my favorite Indian holidays:  Holi!  Also, if you’re curious about some other Indian Holidays check out my posts about Diwali and Navaratri.

Holi is a holiday that usually occurs during the month of March, which is the beginning of Spring.  It is a holiday that is the celebration of the start of the spring season, the end of winter and the blossoming of love.  It is celebrated widely across India, Nepal, many other South Asian countries as well as part of the Caribbean.  Before I get to the fun part of the holiday (the colors), I wanted to discuss the significance of this holiday.  Holi is a religious Hindu holiday however, many other religions such as Sikhs, Jains, Newar Buddhists and some various other Non-Hindus celebrate it as well.  There are many Hindu legends to the celebration of this holiday ranging such as the Vishnu legend, the Krishna legend, as well the Kama and Rati legend.  There is also a cultural significance for this holiday in which people start fresh by letting go of past errors, end bad blood with anyone, as well as pay or forgive debts.  A lot of the focus is based on forgiving, forgetting and starting fresh.

Holi 02

Now moving on to the fun part: the colors, water and games!  It is usually celebrated by playing in colors which is colored powder, and that colored powered is used to smear all over on other people.  Water guns and water balloons are also used in this holiday however, I have mainly used the color powder.  There is also usually Bollywood music that is played in the background, based on where you celebrate, so it becomes more of a dancing, playing and having fun type of celebration.

Holi is one of my favorite Indian holiday purely for its joy and fun.  I love attending Holi events within my local metropolitan area and try to go every year.  This year I attended a Holi event with some of my friends at a local Hindu temple.  I enjoyed the event and all its glory.  Random kids and strangers came up to you and put color on you.  It may seem like a strange thing but soon, you end up coloring strangers as well.  Everyone is in the same happy mindset in the joy of the holiday and that is my favorite part about this holiday.  I truly enjoy this joy and happiness that people have when celebrating Holi.

Holi 03

Regarding traditional Holi attire.  Most people opt for a white clothing.  The white article of clothing is best to show off all the colors that you have been hit with and proof that you had a good time.  I mean, that is the best bragging right to show that you had a great time!   For my outfit this year, I chose this basic white tunic that I bought from Amazon.  I paired it with basic black leggings, also bought from Amazon, and my trusted Old Navy flip flops.  I always like to wear leggings and flip flops and they’re the most comfortable to run around and attack others with the colors.

Holi 04

Blouse:  Amazon | Leggings:  Amazon | Flip flops:  Old Navy

How do you like to celebrate your Holi?  If you don’t celebrate it, would you be going to an event in your town next year?  Let me know your thoughts below!
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  1. Oh!!! I love learning about this!! I saw several people last weekend with all the beautiful colors on them, and I wondered! It is so great learning about your traditions, and there are so many I want to participate!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading this post, Kate & Chan! I really appreciate you both taking your time out and so happy that you learned something new! 🙂 Also, the festival is open to all so if possible, feel free to attend next year!

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