Costa Rica Outfit Ideas

Every summer, my husband and I like to take a big trip somewhere.  And I know most families like to do the same thing.  Taking time off for yourself during the warm months is an amazing feeling and should be done for your well-being.  If you have been following me on Instagram lately, then you have seen my posts about my recent trip to Costa Rica in the summer. 

Most people have loved seeing the highlights of my trip on my Instagram.  Others have asked many questions about my outfits and for me to do a blog post about the outfits.  So, I thought I would go ahead and give my readers the blog post that they asked about!  Without further ado, check out my outfit ideas and tips for Costa Rica below.

Travel Day Outfit(s)

For my travel days, I like to be comfortable.  If I’m traveling to a more tropical location, then I tend to dress more for that location.  If I’m traveling back from a tropical location, then I tend to dress more for the weather back in my home location. 

On our travel day to Costa Rica, I wore leggings, a nice tropical top, had a cardigan with my sneakers.  Even though we traveled to Costa Rica in the heart of the summer in July, I prefer to wear leggings and/or long pants for travel days.  I feel as if the airports and airplanes are always cold. Thus, wearing leggings/long pants always keeps me warm and comfortable.

On the way back from Costa Rica, I had on long flowy pants, a white top, a cardigan, and sneakers.  Again, the concept here is very similar to my first outfit- to stay warm in the airport/airplane and be comfortable as well.

For the travel day to Costa Rica, wearing a Palm Tree Top and Leggings.
For the travel day back home, wearing a white tee and loose flowy pants.

Beach/Pool Day Outfits

When going to a tropical destination such as Costa Rica, beach and pool days are my favorite days- aside from the exploring days.  The beach and pool days are the days that truly feel like you’re on vacation and ready to relax in paradise.  For these days, I usually wear a swimsuit, pool shoes, and a cover-up that’s acceptable to the resort.  This type of coverup is usually appropriate to wear in the beachside restaurants on the property.  You want to seem cute yet classy at the same time.

Personally, for me, I like to match my swimsuit with my coverups.  This allows the swimsuits to blend underneath the coverup, allowing it to look like one seamless outfit.  I believe this type of outfit combo is acceptable at most beachside resorts.  These outfits also look classy and cute at the same time. 

Flowy dress as cover up with a swim suit underneath.
Long beach cover-up dress & bright swimsuit underneath.

Dinner Outfits

Most of my dinner outfits in Costa Rica were like what I wear in Memphis – which are cute fun dresses depending on the season.  However, for a tropical location, I like to have fun with my outfits and wear some things that I normally wouldn’t wear out for dinners.  For example, I’m not a huge fan of crop tops but on a beach vacation, I will have at least one outfit that has a crop top. 

Another example of switching up my normal attire on vacation is wearing dresses or clothes with palm trees on them.  I don’t wear a palm tree print unless I’m on vacation because it just seems right to wear a palm tree print in a tropical place.  Check out some of the outfits that I wore for dinner in Costa Rica below. 

Excursion:  Ziplining Outfit

Saving the best outfit for last!  One might think that a basic gym outfit may not be exciting.  However, brace yourselves- this is one of my favorite types of outfits on vacation, even more than the fun dresses and beach wear.  I love the excursion/off-resort attire because that signals to me that I get to explore the country I’m visiting.  In most tropical destinations in the Caribbean, South America, etc., you are not allowed to leave the resort unless it is a resort-sponsored activity.

If you’re anything like me, you love to explore and get to know the country/location that you are visiting.  Thus, any type of activity that I get to do off the resort- even it if involves wearing a gym outfit, the excitement of the adventure makes me excited for the outfit.

For excursions that involve physical activity such as ziplining, hiking, ATV bike riding, etc., I like to wear comfortable gym attire.  This type of clothing is usually sweat-resistant, so it helps with sweating when doing an activity in a tropical location.  If going to a beach off-site or exploring the location, I usually opt for a dress/romper and swimsuit underneath (in case we go to the beach after).

For the zip-lining day, wearing a gym top + sports bra + shorts with sneakers.

Overall, I had a great time in Costa Rica at the end of July/beginning of August.  As someone who enjoys going on a tropical trip, this was such a fun trip for me!  I hope you enjoyed my Costa Rica Outfit Look book and Outfit Tips.  Are you a fan of tropical beach location trips?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Some really cute outfits! I’m totally the same with airports and planes, they’re so cold! Even if I’m heading somewhere hot I’ll take layers for the plane and wear long bottoms.

  2. I like your style. Your outfits look so comfortable and perfect for travel.

  3. I loved all of your outfits so much! and these tips are just so helpful for any tropical vacation!

  4. You look amazing in all of these outfits! My personal favourite was the crop trop with black pants! I always struggle with looking cute while on holiday. Great outfits!

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