My Favorite Fall Staples

If you have been following my blog for the past few years, then you know that I always post related to fall weather/fashion.  Every year, I try to think of an interesting and different fall blog post so that I don’t always post the same thing each year.  However, it has become more and more difficult for me to come up with different and unique blog post topics. 

As I was thinking about my Fall blog post topic for 2023, I realized that I enjoyed fall fashion so much.  Thus, I thought to write a blog post about my favorite types of fall staples/fashion/styles.  These fall fashion items/styles are typical fall staples and have been around for years.  So, I wanted to share my favorite fall basics with you guys.  Anyway, enough of my rambling- check out my favorite fall fashion, styles and/or staples below.

Booties/Over-The-Knee (OTK) Boots

Fall boots are a staple for a fall/winter wardrobe.  Over the years (and moving closer to a warmer climate), I realized that I loved to wear booties during the fall more than usual.  I love a nice heeled bootie- preferably a chunky heel- that allows me to walk comfortably, keep my feet warm, and create a fashionable fall outfit.

Also, I love a good over-the-knee (OTK) boot.  However, I tend to wear those boots less than the classic booties or long boots.  I find it harder to style OTK boots unless it’s over jeans or a short dress/skirt.  For me, I like to be warmer in the fall/winter so my outfit usually caters towards leggings and a warm sweater.  Thus, styling over-the-knee booties always gets harder.  However, I try to do it at least a couple of times during the colder months.

Fall Pumpkin Picking Outfit with Booties

Fall Outfit with Over-the-Knee Boots


Layering clothes for the fall is such a classic fall/winter style that it never goes out of style.  I’ve been layering my clothes in the colder months since my elementary/middle school days.  One of my favorite kinds of layering is a neutral tank top with a sweater on top.  The tank top will usually stick to your skin so this way the cold wind doesn’t blow into your sweater.  Having that extra layer between your body and the sweater helps block out the cold winter.  Similarly, I like to layer sleeveless sweaters with a warm cardigan for the same reason.

When I’m traveling to a colder climate during the winter (such as NY or Canada), I like to layer leggings under my jeans.  It’s a trick my mom taught me when I was in grade school.  This helps to keep your legs warm while you can still be comfortable in both jeans and leggings.  The same concept with the tank top and sweater applies here.  The extra layer of the legging that is close to your body, does indeed help with blocking the cold wind.

Layering a sweater dress with tights.

Layering a Corduroy Dress with a full-sleeve shirt underneath.

Sweater + Dress/Skirt Combo

Saving the best for last: the sweater + dress or sweater + skirt combo, which is a classic fall staple.  This combo is not only warm but also fashionable.  I love to wear this combo for a family dinner or a dressy dinner with friends.  My goal for the colder months is to be warm yet still look presentable for the fall/holiday season events.

Typically, I like to pair a chunky sweater over a thinner dress or skirt and pair it with tights.  This pairing of clothes helps balance out the outfit and it’s not just chunky/bulky all over.  Having a full-on chunky outfit with different pieces makes it look too heavy.  So, I found this way to style/layer those pieces that work best for the winter months.

Chunky sweater + Dress combo

Chunky sweater + dress combo.

There you have it- my list of my favorite types of fall staples/styles and I hope you liked it!  What is your favorite fall fashion/style/staple item?  Let me know in the comments below!

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26 thoughts on “My Favorite Fall Staples

  1. The very best part of Fall is getting to wear the clothes! My go to’s are leggings, long sweaters, scarves, and boots! It’s so fun to create new looks!

  2. Great ideas! I’m so ready for fall! It’s been too warm in the Midwest to wear boots/booties. Can’t wait to follow your tips when it cools off next week

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