Sweet and Spicy Princess Costume Series: Angelic Princess Belle

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This will be the second and final look for the Sweet and Spicy Princess series.  Check out last week’s post to see how I did my version of an Evil Princess Jasmine.  For this week, I’m bringing you the Angelic Princess Belle which will be the sweet component for my addition to this Halloween series.  Since I explained a lot of the background to this Halloween series in my last post, I’m going to jump right to it.  Also, don’t forget to check out my fellow blogger babes that are also doing this fun series with me- listed below!


In case you missed it, we have one twist in this series:  we’ll be showcasing these costumes in a Disney bounding form.

Belle is such a fun and independent princess.  The Disney version (live action and animated) and many other versions of her story, show her as one who is protecting her family by any means.  She also loves books and to be honest, who doesn’t like to hold a paper book?  No matter how digital we get, there are always those who love a paper product such as my love for paper planners.  Anyways, I’m getting a little off topic here.

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For my version of a “sweet/angelic Belle”, I originally wanted to do a Disney bounding version of her iconic yellow dress worn in the 1991 animated version of Beauty and the Beast.  However, when I ordered a yellow dress from Amazon, a completely different product came in the mail.  I immediately panicked when I opened the package and noticed that I didn’t receive the correct product because I had a photoshoot scheduled with my fellow Halloween series bloggers in a couple of days.  So, I had to back to the drawing board and think how I could come up with something last minute.


Immediately, I looked up other poplar outfits from Belle.  Then it hit me, I knew I had tons of blue outfits and she does wear a blue dress during a huge portion of the movie.  So, I went ahead and came up with an outfit that would match Belle’s blue dress.  I thought this worked better with the theme since in the beginning of the movie, Belle seemed more innocent thus “sweet/angelic”.  Sometimes, things just work out for themselves, don’t they?

The make-up that Belle wears in the blue dress is minimal, maybe only some lip color.  However, I love me some eyeshadow so I went ahead and had fun with!  Besides, Disney bounding is more of what you interpret the outfit as, right?  So the look that I came up with was a brown sparkly eye with a muted pink-toned lip.


Dress: Similar| Shirt:  Banana Republic (Exact) | Shoes:  Target

Overall, I had fun with this look even though there was a little bit of panic.  Belle is such a fun princess to be and I’m glad I do experiment with this costume.  I had a ton of fun doing this series and I hope all of you had as much fun reading/learning about it too!  Don’t forget to check out the other blogger babes that did this series with me.


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