Three Types of Vaisakhi Outfit Ideas

Springtime is a time when the weather is getting warmer, you are out of your winter hibernation and the flowers are also blooming.  In addition, if you’re Indian like me, you are also hyped up for the Indian springtime festivities.  A few weeks ago, I had a post about Holi and now, I want to post about my other favorite Indian springtime holiday- Vaisakhi

I already have a Vaisakhi post on the blog so if you want to learn more about the background of Vaisakhi, check out that post.  However, I’ll go over a brief overview of Vaisakhi in this post. 

Vaisakhi is celebrated as the Sikh new year.  One of the major religious significances is that one of the Sikh Gurus, Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, had refused to convert to Islam under the orders of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.  This action had led to the next coronation of the Guru of Sikhism, making that Guru the 10th Guru, as well as the birth of Khalsa..

Anyway, I wanted to dedicate a post on my blog to feature Vaisakhi outfit ideas for those who are interested.  Without further ado, check out my Vaisakhi outfit ideas below.

Phulkari Chunni (Dupatta)

A phulkari chunni (dupatta or scarf) is one of the oldest and most classic designs worn by Punjabis and Sikhs across the globe.  This classic style is worn a lot during weddings as well as the big holidays such as Vaisakhi.  The phulkari design is a type of embroidery using silk thread and cotton scarfs.  The designs can range from floral patterns to geometric patterns.  The range of designs is so versatile however, the classic phulkari style is always the same.

I love a classic Phulkari chunni.  It gives me a true feeling of being a Punjabi/Sikh girl.  For this type of outfit, I’ll usually pair it with a plain Salwar Suit or a plain lehenga outfit.  In my outfit picture below, I paired the phulkari chunni (dupatta) with a plain black lehenga and a plain gold blouse.  I also kept the jewelry to simple Jhumke and clear heels.  I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit very simple with the focus being on the phulkari chunni (dupatta).

Salwar Suit

A Salwar Suit is as classic as you can go for a Punjabi/Sikh outfit.  A salwar is baggy pants, added with a long top and a scarf (chunni/dupatta).  The salwar suit comes in many different types of styles, materials, lengths, etc.  However, the salwar itself never changes its form- it’s either baggy or straight and tight.

I have had many different types of Salwar suits throughout my life.  However, my favorite type of Salwar suit is the Patiala Salwar– which is just a little baggier and roomier than other types.  For my outfit option below, I like my salwar suits to typically be two-toned (different colored bottom and top with the scarf matching one of them).  I added my classic Indian jhumke, classic gold bangles, and favorite gold heels as my accessories. 

Photo credits:  Kunjal Pathak PhotographyInstagramFacebook; Email at
Make-up and Hair:  Denise Chan

Velvet Theme

Another outfit option for Vaisakhi is the Velvet trend.  Velvet suits, lehengas, dupattas, etc have been trending lately and the trend is here to stay!  I have been a fan of the velvet trend myself.  It keeps you warm during the winter months, and it looks super chic as well!  This trend has been one of my favorite ones yet and I’m glad it’s not out of fashion yet.

For my velvet theme option below, I went with a velvet chunni (dupatta).  The red adds such a warmth yet pop of color.  I’ve paired the same black lehenga and gold blouse from the Phulkari chunni option shown above.  The velvet dupatta came with the satin black lehenga and a matching satin black blouse.  I didn’t like the fit of the blouse, so I switched it for a plain gold blouse.  You can always mix and match your items to make your outfit your own.   In addition, I drapped my velvet dupatta as a cape to make it look different yet festive. Also, I kept my jewelry simple and added my gold jhumke and my gold bangles with clear heels.

Honorable Mentions

I wanted to list some honorable mentions that didn’t make my top three Vaisakhi outfit options list above but, still deserved a spot on this list.  I haven’t worn any of the options mentioned below.  However, I have seen them trending on social media so wanted to give them a mention, in case they seem appealing to you:

Lightweight casual suit:   A casual and lightweight suit for spring is a very classic option to wear for Vaiskahi.  Although there is no print or style requirement so, keep it casual, simple, and classic.

Kurta with Leggings:  The classic light-colored Kurta and leggings look can never go out of style.  It’s another casual look for Vaisakhi so if you’re going to a low-key event then opt for this option.  Also, it’s a bit less chaotic if you’re not into wearing a full-on salwar suit.

Simple Anarkali Suit

Photo credits:  Kunjal Pathak PhotographyInstagramFacebook; Email at
Make-up and Hair:  Denise Chan

Those are all my suggestions and tips for Vaisakhi outfit ideas!  Which one of these outfit ideas was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. You look wonderful in all the outfits but I’m partial to Phulkari Chunni. I love learning about Indian traditions.

  2. Ok first of all, I’ve acknowledged Vaisakhi as a festival all my life, but I never knew what it was for! So thank you for that. And I LOVE all of the outfits you suggested! Especially the phulkari. Very Punjabi.

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