Delicious Memphis Baked Goods Ft. The Basic Brownie

Have you ever wanted to make homemade baked goodies but just didn’t have the time?  Well, I’ve experienced that as well and met a local Memphis baker who makes amazing baked goodies!  Her name is Saanvi Seth of The Basic Brownie.  She runs her local small (orders only) bakery through her house and has had tremendous success with it.  She’s also starting college in the fall – yes, I said college!  Saanvi is a young entrepreneur.  But don’t let her age fool you, she is wise beyond her years.

Saanvi also comes from a family of entrepreneurs/small business owners.  Her mom is none other than the amazingly talented Style Palettes Fashion Boutique owner, Ruchika Seth.  One can say that the apple did not fall far from the tree.  Both mother and daughter are talented in their own crafts and run their own successful small business within the Memphis, TN area.  They are both also co-founders of a local non-profit called Creativity Feeds.  I love supporting both women and can’t wait to see them both grow their businesses even more.

I had previously worked with Ruchika on a blog post promoting her amazing homemade scarves.  And now, I have the pleasure to work with Saanvi.  She won my giveaway with Jani (of What’s on your Mind Podcast) and got a feature on my blog as one of her winnings!

Without further ado, check out my interview with Saanvi and her accomplishments below!

When did you start your small business/baking shop?

I started it in August 2020, during the early months of the pandemic.

What motivated you to start your baking business?

My mom was the main person to motivate me to start my baking business.

What is your baking specialty?  For example, brownies, cookies, etc?

My baking specialty is my brownies!

That is a fact, Saanvi’s baking specialty are her brownies.  If you haven’t bought anything from her yet, at least buy her brownies. 

What is your best-selling item?

My best-selling item recently is my macarons and custom sugar cookies.

What is your favorite item to make from your past or current menu?

It’s hard to pick my favorite item, but I love making different flavors of macarons, and I also love doing different sugar cookie themes.

What is your best-selling flavor?  Also, what is your favorite flavor of your selection?

My best-selling flavor is my chocolate chip cookies or chai latte macarons.

My favorite flavor are my chai latte macarons or espresso macarons.

Are you testing any new flavors?

Yes, I am currently testing new flavors for my summer menu!  I’m working with peaches, mangos, and a few other fruits.

What is one item you have improved on? 

One item that I have improved on is decorating my cookies.  When I first started selling, I used to do flooded designs.  Now, I do multiple intricate designs and themes.

Fun Facts!

I am starting college in the fall!  I’m attending Michigan State University; majoring in Political Science on a Pre-Law track.

Anything else that you would like to share?

I am also the co-founder of a non-profit called Creativity Feeds!  Give us a follow on Instragram, @creativityfeeds , to learn more about what we do for the children around the Arlington community.

Overall, I had a great time getting to know Saanvi more for this guest blog post.  I’m glad she won the giveaway for a feature on the blog!  She is extremely talented, smart and a gorgeous young lady.  I can’t wait to see her grow even more during her college years and beyond.  Don’t forget to check out her Small Business called The Basic Brownie.

Do you like supporting small businesses in your town?  If so, who/what do you support?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

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  1. Great interview. It’s empowering to know more about young successful entrepreneurs.

  2. Love the interview, you style, and look forward to reading more!

  3. Such a fun interview! Thank you so much for sharing! The chai latte macarons sound amazing, and what a great way to support a small business!

  4. I love that you’ve interviewed a local business. Interesting to hear the stories of others.

  5. ok. All her items sound so so delicious! I think I have to visit you in Memphis just to experience everything you share!

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